Tips For Keeping Fresh, Clean, and Healthy On The Road

During these trying times, it is essential that we are staying fresh, clean, healthy, and while on the road. The idea of traveling across the nation can be daunting, especially when commodities such as truck stops, gyms, and other locations we commonly seek exercise and upkeep are closed. Whether that be getting a good workout in or washing your work uniform, which used to be simple tasks now poses a great challenge to commercial truck drivers. In order to combat these new difficulties as well as a worldwide virus during flu season, below you will find some recommendations on how to keep fresh, clean, and healthy while trucking on the road. Especially now as the winter months arrive, it is key that we all remain in the best health possible. Check out our tips and tricks below and let us know how you stay fresh while on the road!

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

What is better than killing two birds with one stone? Moisturizing hand sanitizer is an absolute essential in today’s world. Battling the current pandemic means taking as many precautions possible when it comes to maintaining your own personal health. Hand sanitizer is a wonderful way to keep yourself clean and safe by eliminating all bacteria on your hand following contact with other individuals and objects. At the same time, we find ourselves entering the winter months. With the winter season on the near horizon, dry skin and dry hands can often plague us. What better way to combat these two issues than with one solution. Easy to keep and store in your truck throughout the year, moisturizing hand sanitizer is a wonderful way to keep clean and feel great!

Outdoor Exercise

When you have the appropriate opportunity, make sure to get some outdoor exercise. It is absolutely essential to constantly be making sure you are awake and feeling great. While many gyms around the nation are still closed, an empty parking lot or local park is a wonderful way to get a quick run, jog, or cross-fit style workout in. Not only is working out great for the body, it is also great for the mind and you’ll surely find yourself more awake and aware while driving. Make sure to bundle up this time of year when exercising outdoors, but certainly take advantage of the cool weather to wake you up!

Watch What You Eat

As the winter months approach, there is often nothing more comforting than warming yourself up to a nice hearty meal. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with good, filling meals to keep you going, make sure you watch what you eat at the traditionally more inactive months approach. An unfortunate reality of the cold cold winter months is that many individuals tone down their exercise routines. Combat this with an even healthier diet!

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential to properly operate any motor vehicle, let alone a commercial sized truck. During these winter months, make sure you have the proper equipment in order to get a good night’s rest. Good sleep is essential to staying mentally sharp and physically in shape. If you find yourself having sleep issues, make sure you reach out to a medical professional and address the issue as quickly as possible. Good sleep is mandatory for any truck driver!

We hope these healthy tips will assist you throughout the winter months. Safe travels everybody!

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2020 Meal Prepping On The Go: Meal & Snack Ideas For All Drivers

By this point, it is no secret that eating on the road has been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. While states across the nation continue to slowly lift certain aspects of statewide restrictions, the need to keep our bodies fueled on the road has not changed whatsoever, yet the variety of open dining establishments continues to suffer. With that in mind, below are some great snack and meal ideas for operators looking to stay energized and sharp while trucking throughout the nation.

1.) Salads – Easy to pack in any Tupperware style container, salads of any kind provide a great meal for any driver on the road. Whether you want to spice it up with your meat of choice or want to keep it simple with lettuce and a little dressing, salads of any kind are easy to make, affordable, and easy to pack for any journey– whether you’re home every night or find yourself in a different part of the country each week. 

2.) Yogurt and Granola – Easily packed into coolers of any size, a quick and easy Yogurt, and Granola breakfast or snack is great for keeping you sharp and energized. Packing essential proteins and nutrients, yogurt snacks let you change up monotonous routines and have a little fun when packing your food for the day or week. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional yogurts, give Greek yogurt a try!

3.) Nuts – With plenty of varieties to choose from, nuts of all kinds provide quick and effective ways to get essential nutrients and proteins. Simple and easy to pack, consider buying a large pack of nut assortments the next time you grocery shop. When the time does not allow for an extended lunch break, a healthy dose of nuts can eliminate that hunger and provide you with the fuel needed to keep on moving forward. 

4.) Fruit – While a bit more challenging to keep and store, fruit provides an excellent way to eat healthy while on the road. Whether that be apples or oranges, fruit provides an excellent source of vitamins and sugars that are sure to keep you energized on the road. 

5.) Soup – Whether you like them cold or hot, soups of any kind provide excellent ways to convenient pack and store complete meals. Not only do they serve as an effective option for storage, but an excellent source of proteins and other nutrients as well. Whether it be a chicken noodle, Italian weddings, tomato or beef, and noodles, soups of all kinds make for great meals on the road.

The list could go on! If you’re craving sandwiches, don’t shy away from packing your favorite deli-style meal! Peanut butter and jelly will always be an American staple and leftovers are often some of the best go-to meals. Consider making multiple servings when cooking up your favorite meal next time! 

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Fall Driving Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Stay Safe In The Fall Foliage

It’s no secret that the autumn months provide some of the most incredible scenic driving in the world. Whether that be in colonial New England or the Pacific Northwest, fall driving rewards operators with cooler weather and stunning foliage, an incredible combination for those who work on the road. With a new season upon us, we must also remember how that affects truck driving in terms of safety and common practice. From wildlife to foliage, each fall offers aspects unique to other seasons. Let’s take a look at four unique tips that will keep drivers safe in these cool-autumn months.

Watch Out For Leaves and Tree Debris

While the beautiful colored leaves offer gorgeous scenery, stationary leaves on road can create hazards dangerous to all drivers. Traffic hazards are serious issues and a patch of damp leaves can trigger accidents if drivers and operators are not paying close attention. What is the best way to handle areas of road covered in leaves? Slow down and approach carefully– avoid sudden braking and swerving.

Pay Attention For Wildlife

Deer and other large game animals are traditionally most active during the fall months. While some trucks may be equipped with protective guards, all drivers should be wary and cautious when driving through heavily wooded or deer populated areas. Most commonly active during the morning and evening, it is not uncommon to see deer alongside highways and roads alike. Keep an eye out for crossing signs and avoid sudden braking and swerving.

Weather Variation

The transition from fall to summer provides a welcomed cooling across the country. While most appreciate the cooler mornings and nights, it is crucial to remember significant daily weather variations can create hazards on the road. With many areas of the country experiencing the first freezing temperatures of the season, drivers need to be cautious of their surroundings and vehicle. Wind and rainstorms can trigger significant debris droppings from the changing foliage. If possible, look ahead at local weather and prepare accordingly.

Stay Aware of Sun Glare

With the sun setting earlier in the day across the country, it is crucial that drivers recognize and prepare for the risk of sun glare. Shorter days and daylight savings create sun glare, making it far more challenging to see pedestrians, road debris, other drivers, and more. In order to protect yourself and other drivers, keep your windshield clean and carry a pair of sunglasses at the ready.

Keeping these four tips in mind, make sure to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage while on the road. There simply is not another career which provides such a privilege and opportunity!

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What Does Being a Safe Trucker Look Like in Summer 2020?

There have been a lot of new trucking industry trends to keep track of in 2020, especially when it comes to ensuring trucker safety. With COVID-19 dramatically changing the way our country runs, the efforts needed to be a safe trucker look a bit different than they usually do. 

To help drivers keep themselves and those around them healthy this summer, we’ve outlined a few things that define what safe trucking looks like in 2020.

Following the CDC’s COVID Safety Guidelines

When it comes to summer trucking safety in 2020, one of the most important things to do is follow the CDC’s safety guidelines for COVID prevention. According to the CDC website, being a safe trucker means:

  • Limiting close contact with other people by maintaining six feet of distance 
  • Wearing a cloth face covering or mask in public when staying six feet apart isn’t possible
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces you come into contact (door handles, steering wheel, seat belt, turn signal, etc.)
  • Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every time you enter or leave the cab
  • Packing food, water, and supplies, so you don’t have to make as many stops on the road
  • Wearing gloves whenever you venture outside of the truck

Here at Lily Transportation, there’s nothing more important than trucker safety. To support our drivers’ safety, we’ve equipped them with advanced cleaning supplies (like a lithium-ion sprayer that we use to clean and disinfect the interior of their trucks) to ensure nothing less than the safest working environments. 

Making Summer Trucking Safety a Priority

Looking beyond COVID, summer trucking comes with its own health and safety recommendations for truckers. The summer season can be unpredictable. You never know if you’ll be driving through a heatwave, rainstorm, or heavy winds. That’s why Lily Transportation provides its drivers with a collection of summer trucking safety tips and guidelines to help them embrace the safe trucker lifestyle.

Some of the most important ways a trucker can prioritize their safety include taking actions like:

  • Checking the weather so you can prepare yourself for day’s travel
  • Making sure you stay hydrated
  • Having a healthy selection of snacks (fruits, veggies, trail mixes, granola, etc.) 
  • Wearing sunscreen if it’s sunny outside (it’s still possible to get sunburnt even when you’re inside the truck for most of the day)
  • Paying attention to traffic trends
  • Maintaining the areas of your truck that are especially affected by the summer heat (cooling and air-conditioning systems, coolant levels, tires and tire pressure, and the brake system, for example)

Being a safe trucker in 2020 looks a bit different than it did in years prior, but with the truck driver safety tips and guidelines above, you can keep yourself strong, healthy, and ready for whatever the season throws your way.

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How Did the COVID Pandemic Affect Operation Safe Driver Week?

Every year, The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) picks a specific focus area for its annual Operation Safe Driver Week, and this year was no exception. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CVSA was committed to identifying and deterring unsafe driving behaviors and ran as scheduled between July 12th and 18th.

However, like many events in 2020, Operation Safe Driver Week 2020 was affected by the ongoing pandemic. Here are a few ways that the CVSA used Operation Safe Driver to address some of the trucker safety concerns that COVID-19 has called attention to.

Less Traffic = More Speeding

With so many people staying home, traffic has dropped, and roadways across the country have emptied. For example, The Washington Post reported in May 2020 that some of the busiest highways in Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington had seen an over 50% drop in traffic. 

While fewer cars on the road would seem like a good thing for trucker safety, emptier highways have led to an increase in the number of people speeding. The average speed on the highways in the areas listed above, for example, has increased by as much as 75%. To address this trend, the CVSA chose to focus this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week on the issue of speeding.

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“As passenger vehicle drivers are limiting their travel to necessary trips and many commercial motor vehicle drivers are busy transporting vital goods to stores, it’s more important than ever to monitor our roadways for safe transport,” said CVSA President Sgt. John Samis with the Delaware State Police.

In addition to the focus on speeding, the CVSA also made a point to reference distracted driving, failure to use a seatbelt, following too closely behind other vehicles, improper lane change, and reckless or aggressive driving as behaviors they wanted to closely monitor in order to promote better driver and trucker safety.

Continuing to Make Trucker Safety a Top Priority

In addition to targeting reckless, distracted, and speeding drivers, law enforcement also said that the goal of Operation Safe Driver Week “was to educate drivers while watching for problems on the road.” And with truck drivers playing such an essential role in keeping our country going during COVID-19, the CVSA felt that it was especially important to ensure Operation Safe Driver Week continued as scheduled.

Lily Transportation is committed to doing its part in making sure that safe truck driving remains a top priority. We equip all of our drivers with meticulously maintained equipment, only put them behind the wheel of brand new or late model trucks, offer them ongoing driver safety training, and provide them onboard safety equipment that can go with them wherever they go.

We’re so proud of our truck drivers and honored to work with them and all the law enforcement officers who worked with the CVSA to make this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week happen. 

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Why Is There Such a High Demand for Truck Drivers?

The trucking industry is bouncing back in a big way. After years of dealing with a shortage of drivers, the industry is now home to 3.5 million of them, and that number continues to grow. The demand for truck drivers has never been stronger, so if you’re looking for trucking jobs, you’re in luck!

More Opportunities Than Ever Before

Trucking has always been a major backbone of our country’s economy. Without trucker jobs, online shopping would grind to a halt and affect the lives of countless businesses and consumers. And since the number of people shopping online continues to grow, it’s safe to assume that the demand for truck drivers won’t be going away anytime soon.

There’s more good news, too! The industry is more diverse than it’s ever been before, as companies (like Lily Transportation!) are actively hiring women, veterans, and anyone interested in seeing what the truck driver lifestyle has to offer. 

As soon as you get your commercial driver’s license, a whole new world of opportunity will open to you. Whether you’re looking for trucking jobs that will let you see the whole country or just your local area, Lily Transportation has openings for you. We’ll work with you to find a role that finetunes your skills and helps you find your place behind the wheel of one of our beautiful trucks.

The Importance of Truck Drivers Is Never Going Away

One of the best things about trucking is that just about anyone can do it. The demand for truck drivers has remained strong for years, and even as the industry continues to evolve, that isn’t going to change. Just look at our country today as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many people sheltering themselves at home, it’s our country’s truck drivers that have ensured everyone has access to the essential supplies they need.

Even when the pandemic is over, online shopping will remain a staple of our country’s economy (maybe more than ever), which means our way of life will continue to need dedicated and professional truck drivers. 

This is why Lily Transportation is always pursuing, recruiting, and hiring truck drivers. We’re blessed to have so many amazing truck drivers on our team and we’d love to help you become a part of the Lily Family. 

“Lily made me feel comfortable and gave me the opportunity to change careers. It’s a great company to work for and I just want to ask you (other drivers): “What are you waiting for?” Join us!

— Yessica Licona–Amador, Driver

The demand for truck drivers isn’t going anywhere, so if you want to find truck driving jobs that will compensate you well and make sure you and yours are well taken care of,  reach out to one of our recruiters today at 800-248-LILY.

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The Female Trucker Lifestyle: What It Means to Part of Lily’s Ladies

Just a few years ago, women made up less than 6% of the drivers working in the trucking industry. As of 2019, however, that number has risen to 10%—and it’s still going up. The female trucker lifestyle is continuing to grow and improve, and Lily Transportation could not be more excited about it.

Here at Lily Transportation, we’re always looking for new ways to improve and showcase the female trucker lifestyle. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of jobs in the trucking industry are available to women, or what a day in the life of a female trucker looks like, you’ve come to the right place. 

Supporting You and Yours

On average, jobs in the trucking industry pay around $45,000 annually. But at Lily Transportation, the salaries we provide to all of our truckers range from upwards of $50,000 to $95,000. We’re committed to supporting our Lily Family in every way we can, which is why we offer competitive salaries and a variety of additional benefits, including things like:

  • Paid holiday and vacation times
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Matching 401k
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • Quarterly and annual bonuses for safe driving

Whether you’re driving solo or with a partner, locally or cross-country, Lily Transportation will ensure that you have the constant support you need to be the best driver (and person) you can be.  

Part of the Lily Family

The female trucker lifestyle at Lily goes beyond competitive pay and benefits; it means joining a family that takes care of its own. No matter what your background is, Lily will work alongside you and make sure you’re set up to succeed in a role that will enrich your personal and professional lives.

“I encourage a lot of women to come and work for Lily Transportation. It’s worth your while. It’s an awesome, awesome place to work.”

— Renata Sczuroski

There are more jobs in the trucking industry for women than ever before. Companies like Lily Transportation actively pursue and recruit female truckers, and we’re taking great care to promote a culture that supports those drivers in the essential work they do. If you’re already one of our Lily Ladies, then check out our Facebook group! We’d love to see you there.

If you have any questions about the female trucker lifestyle or want to learn how to become one of Lily’s Ladies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We would love to talk to you.

Driving Diversity

4 Summer Trucking Tips to Keep in Mind This Coming Season

Each season brings new kinds of weather and driving conditions along with it. For winter, it’s snow. For spring, a higher chance of rain and wet roads. When it comes to summer trucking, the biggest thing you have to keep in mind is the heat. Not every summer day is going to be hot, of course, but the warmer weather and busier streets will affect your day-to-day routines.

To help keep you safe and cool out there, we’ve put together some summer trucking tips that can go a long way toward making sure you’re ready for anything. 

1. Check the Weather

Checking the weather is an important part of truck driving safety in every season, and that doesn’t change in the summer. Summer has just as much chance of extreme weather as any season, so always look ahead to see what kind of conditions you might be driving into. Checking up on the chances of heavy rain, flooding, fog, wind, or other weather is one of the best summer driving tips out there—you’ll know what to expect every time you hit the road.

Weather changes depending on the area you’re in, too, so keep tabs on it when driving across the country. Some states can have tornadoes or floods, for example. While these are not as typical, you’re going to want to know if there’s a warning in the state you’re about to drive into. So, check the weather and use it to set a schedule that’ll keep you safe and on schedule.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Alongside the winter months, the summer is one of the most important times to make sure you’re taking care of yourself when you’re behind the wheel. 

The summer sun can be harsh, so you’re going to want to have the right kind of supplies (and snacks!) to keep you focused and cool. This means having sunglasses on-hand to cut down on glare and harsh lights that can be distracting. You also need to be hydrating regularly, so keep a good-sized water bottle (or other healthy alternatives) next to you during the day.

Summer trucking also means wearing sunscreen, which might sound unnecessary, since you’re spending the day inside your truck but is still incredibly important. Even though you’re “inside,” there’s still a high chance that you’ll be exposed to the sun’s rays, which means you can still get sunburnt.

3. Expect More Traffic

Everyone loves the summer, which means there’s a higher chance that the roads will be busy when the sun is out, and the weather is nice. This can affect your daily schedule, but it can also increase the risk of encountering an accident. As always, it pays to think ahead and use a traffic-tracker (Waze is a popular option) to get an idea of the driving conditions you might encounter.

There also tends to be more construction on the road during the summer—it’s easier to work outside when the ground isn’t covered in snow, after all—which can also cause extra traffic or even diversions. 

4. Pay Attention to Your Truck

Each season affects your truck in different ways, which is exactly why you have to stay on top of maintenance at all times. The higher heat in summer, for example, means you’ll want to pay special attention to:

  • The cooling and air-conditioning unit system(s)
  • Coolant levels
  • Tires (heat can make the rubber in your truck’s tires breakdown faster)
  • Tire pressure
  • Brake system (higher heat can cause malfunctions)

Regular maintenance is always a part of the truck driver routine, which is why getting in the habit of checking your equipment before (and sometimes after) your route is so valuable. The more in-tune you are with your truck, the safer you’ll be on the road.

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Semi-Truck Interior Cleaning: How to Properly Sanitize Your Cab

The truck industry is taking extreme care in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since truckers are a huge part of keeping our country going during this challenging period, making time to properly clean and sanitize the equipment truckers use has never been more important. 

With that in mind, here are some semi-truck interior cleaning tips that will help you keep yourself (and those you interact with) as safe and healthy as humanly possible.

Regularly Clean Your Truck’s Interior Surfaces

According to a report done by The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), COVID-19 can live on the following surfaces:

  • Cardboard (for 24 hours)
  • Copper (for 4-8 hours)
  • Plastic (for up to 3 days)
  • Stainless steel (for 2-3 days)

As you can imagine, this means that semi-truck interior cleaning should be done at the end of your day or shift. That way, whoever uses the truck next will have a clean and safe space to work in. However, you might want to consider cleaning some of the higher-contact areas (like gearshifts, selectors, door handles, steering wheels, etc.) more frequently. 

If you’re driving with a partner, then make sure you’re communicating with them, so you’re both exercising the proper social distancing and safety practices whenever you’re outside of the truck (like the two Lily drivers example in the featured image above!). When your day is done, work together to wipe down and clean the cab’s entire interior thoroughly.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

When you’re cleaning the inside of your cab, not just any rag will do. If you want to truly sanitize a surface, then you’ll need to work with the disinfectants the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends for use against the virus.

The list from the EPA is a long one, but ultimately, it comes down to this: you need to use disinfectants, not simple cleaning supplies. As Trucking Info explains, disinfectants can kill the virus but, “common cleaning products may just transfer the virus from the surface to the rag or wipe.” 

Cleaning trucks is important all the time, but since this virus is so unpredictable, it’s absolutely essential that you take the time to properly and thoroughly use truck cleaning supplies on all the surfaces you come into contact with. Wearing masks when outside the cab is important, too, but it’s not a substitute for proper truck interior cleaning practices.

Keep a Fully Stocked Truck Cleaning Kit

To keep your truck clean, you’re going to need to have the right supplies in your cleaning kit. Even if you know exactly how to sanitize the cab, running out of the right supplies will make it hard to put that knowledge to good use. So, always double-check your truck cleaning kit before hitting the road. Do you have your mask? Gloves if necessary? The right kind(s) of disinfectant? 

There’s nothing more important than the continued health and safety of our truck drivers, which is why Lily is committed to making sure everyone on our team is continuously informed about any new policies and processes which can help us all stay safe. 

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Truck Driver Safety Tips: How to Drive in Heavy Rain

When it comes to spring and summer driving, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in some heavy rain. This is especially true for all of the men and women truckers who spend their days behind the wheel. Driving in heavy rain isn’t fun, but with these truck driver safety tips, you can keep yourself (and everyone you share the road with) safe and sound.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important things you can do before hitting the road is to check the forecast. Is it going to rain? If so, how much? How much of your route that day will be in the rain? Are there any supplies (umbrellas, rain jackets, etc.) that you’ll want to have with you in preparation for the day’s weather?

These are the kinds of questions you’re going to want to have answers to before you start your day. Weather is unpredictable, but the more prepared you are for what the season might have in store, the safer you’ll be.

Prepare for Slippery Roads

When it comes to truck driver safety tips, one of the best things you can learn about is skid control and prevention. Driving in heavy rain (or snow during the winter) probably means driving through slippery road conditions. To help you stay safe, make sure you’re familiar with the following tips:

  • Ease off the accelerator and avoid heavy, sudden braking
  • Give yourself lots of extra time to slow down
  • If you start to slide, turn your front wheels in the direction you’re starting to spin toward
  • After regaining control, immediately turn away from the slide and return to a straight line

Be Patient

Maintaining trucker safety sometimes means slowing down and being patient. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your usual speed during heavy rain, then slow down. Truck driving in bad weather means giving yourself a lot of extra time to decrease your speed, increasing the distance between you and other drivers on the road, and often going slower than the posted speed limit.

Even if you stick to all of the best truck driver safety tips, rushing through intense weather will increase the risks of an accident. So, don’t use your cruise control, keep your lights on, and be patient.

Here at Lily Transportation, we consider our drivers to be part of the family. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone on our team is fully equipped with the tools, insights, and skills necessary to manage whatever conditions the open road may throw their way. 

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