3 Ways Lily Transportation Promotes a Positive Trucking Culture

The logistics and transportation industry is a pillar of our country’s economy. As long as people keep buying products online, there’s going to be demand for professional truck drivers. This is why Lily Transportation is so committed to promoting a positive and productive trucking culture for all of its employees.

A trucking career is full of exciting opportunities for people from all walks of life, and we’re always looking for new ways to grow our Lily Family with new and passionate professionals. If you’re looking for a career path that takes care of you with competitive pay, flexible schedules, and a unique trucking culture, then Lily Transportation is the place for you! 

We Hire the Right Drivers

As a larger and larger percentage of the truck driver population nears retirement, it’s become more important than ever for companies to hire (and retain!) the right kind of drivers. Here at Lily, our people are our greatest asset, and we go to great lengths to make sure that we not only hire the right drivers but also that we give those drivers an environment that prepares them to succeed.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

When a professional truck driver becomes a part of our team, they’re becoming part of a family, which is why we embrace Safe Hiring practices to make sure that each new recruit is a good fit for us and that we’re a good fit for them. To that end, Lily is always looking to hire new and experienced drivers

Whether you’re a veteran looking for a new career after your service has ended, a woman ready for a new adventure, or a recent graduate looking to make their way in the world, Lily Transportation has a place for you!

We Emphasize Truck Driver Wellness

According to Trucking Info, “By implementing driver-oriented wellness programs, fleets are likely to see accident rates drop, which lowers operating costs and liability exposure. And driver satisfaction goes up, which cuts turnover and attracts new hires.”

Even though truck drivers don’t spend a lot of time in an office that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to create and support a positive trucking culture with them. At Lily, we do this by providing wellness programs and initiatives that help us stay connected with our team, regardless of where they are, in a meaningful way.

For example, we not only host Wellness Challenges—supported by our healthcare provider, Blue Cross/Blue Shield—but we also award our drivers with “Safety Points” for helping us promote safety on (and off) the road. We also utilize electronic “communication boards” at each domicile to encourage, appreciate, and inform our drivers with fun and relevant information.  From recognizing birthdays and milestones to sharing healthy eating or exercise tips, FMCSA reg updates, seasonal safety tips, and more.

We Take Care of Our Own

A positive trucking culture can’t exist without positive, productive, and passionate trucker drivers, which is why Lily is steadfast in our commitment to the people on our team. We offer all of our full-time drivers a variety of benefits including:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical & Dental Insurance
  • Paid Holiday & Vacation Time
  • A Matching 401K
  • Safety Bonuses
  • A Health & Wellness Program
  • Cell Phone Allowance
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Carefully maintained equipment
  • Competitive pay
  • And so much more

Lily Transportation takes care of its family, and it’s our goal to retain this one-of-a-kind trucking culture that attracts, supports, and encourages professional truckers from all walks of life to get behind the wheel of a truck and experience the trucking lifestyle for themselves.

If you have any questions about the culture for truck drivers at Lily Transportation or want to speak with one of our recruiters, we’d love to hear from you! 

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

6 of the Best Trucking Accessories to Improve Comfort on the Road

The truck driver lifestyle is full of one-of-a-kind perks and excitement you won’t find anywhere else. The self-driven structure of your day-to-day schedule, the picturesque views you’ll see on the road each day; these are things you just can’t find behind a desk. 

However, with all the time you’ll spend behind the wheel of your truck, it’s important to make sure that you’re comfortable. With that in mind, here are some of the best trucking accessories to help you make truck driver comfort a priority:

Truck Seat Cushions

No matter how much someone loves traveling (and honestly, what’s not to love?), spending most of the day driving can be physically taxing. And even the most ergonomic chairs can lose their luster after enough time. So what can you do to maximize truck driver comfort on even the longest of drives? Pick up a truck seat cushion.

These cushions come in just about every shape and size, so take some time to find one that supports you the way you want to be supported. Does your back get stiff? Find a cushion that offers extra support along the back. Is your tailbone sore at the end of the day? Then a cushion with extra padding can help improve your posture and lower the stress on your tailbone.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

Trucking accessories like these come in a variety of materials (like memory foam, for example), so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one that’ll fit your needs. 

Truck Seat Organizer

Your truck cabin is your home base, in a way, so it makes sense that you outfit it with the kind of gadgets and trucking accessories that you’ll want within reaching distance. But what happens if you start running out of space for your things? Or, more accurately, you don’t have the storage space for your things?

It’s possible to keep things in a glovebox, of course, but then it’s not easily accessible, so that’s not an ideal solution. This is where a truck seat organizer comes onto the scene. This trucking accessory will easily hang off the back of the passenger or driver’s chair and hold all of your loose items in a single location. Things like sunglasses, books, pens, headphones, maps, paperwork, gloves, and more can be consolidated together in a way that keeps them close by without cluttering your cabin.


The truck driver lifestyle means you’re spending a good chunk of your day on the road. And when you spend the better part of your day behind the wheel, you’re going to want access to some food. Sure, fast food is always an option, but not the best one, especially when you’re trying to stick to a healthy trucker lifestyle.

A mini-fridge is one of the best truck accessories, hands down, and all of Lily’s over-the-road drivers have one in their truck. We want our drivers to have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle while in the truck, and having a fridge supports healthy eating habits by allowing drivers to keep lunches, snacks (like fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc.), and water bottles fresh and cool all day long. 

Dashboard Mounts

Whether it’s for your phone, tablet, or GPS, having a dashboard mount for your cab can go a long way toward improving truck driver comfort. These simple trucking accessories help you keep your hands and attention focused on driving, but also make it easy to keep an eye on what’s happening, so you always know if there’s traffic or bad weather on the horizon.


It’s cold in the winter, and even with the heater in your truck cabin, you’ll inevitably have to spend at least a little bit of time outside. Instead of dealing with the elements on your own, it’s always a good idea to have a nice, comfortable jacket with you. 

This is as much a trucking accessory as it is one of the most essential truck driver must-haves, which is why Lily Transportation provides winter coats with reflective materials on them to our drivers. We want you to be safe, warm, and as comfortable as possible when you’re on the road, and we’re always looking for new ways to promote truck driver comfort and wellness.

If you want to learn more about what the truck driver lifestyle looks like at Lily Transportation, or simply have questions you would like to ask, then get in touch with us today! We would love to hear from you.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

Trucking Safety is a Year-Round Priority for Lily Transportation

Safety is the core of everything we do here at Lily Transportation. Trucking safety plays a crucial role in the way we hire drivers, train our employees, maintain our equipment, and so much more. Here is just a glimpse into the many ways we make truck driver safety a priority each and every day.

Equipping Drivers with the Right Equipment

When you spend a good chunk of your day behind the wheel of a truck, you’re going to want the right equipment at your side. Whether it’s a cell phone mount (for easy GPS access), a thermos for your daily dose of caffeine, or winter (safety)  boots for those especially snowy days, Lily Transportation wants to help equip you with everything you could possibly need while on the road.

This is why we provide our drivers with complimentary winter coats (equipped with reflective material, so that other drivers can easily spot them), hats, gloves, and safety boots, all of which are replenished as they wear out.   We want you to thrive at Lily, and we’re willing to go above and beyond to make your truck driving lifestyle as productive, enjoyable, and safe as possible.

Safety is at the Core of Everything We Do

It’s one thing to talk about how important trucking safety is, but it’s another thing entirely to make trucker safety a pillar of your company. So, instead of talking about how Lily Transportation is committed to trucking safety, let’s show you the things we do every day to act out that commitment.

Safe Hiring Practices

Before a new truck driver gets started, they have to go through a specialized hiring process that helps us make sure everyone we work with is an experienced, safe, and driven worker. For example, as part of our safe hiring practices, Lily Transportation requires:

  • Driver physicals & drug and alcohol testing
  • A driver road test before hiring
  • Two years of verifiable experience
  • And more

Safety Aids

We don’t stop at safe hiring practices, though. Our prioritization of truck driver safety remains a staple across all of our departments. To help keep our drivers, and the people they share the road with, safe and sound, we provide the following safety aids:

  • Driver logs & trip reports that are checked and verified by managers
  • PeopleNet E Log systems (Electronic On-Board Recorders)
  • Discreet wireless real-time vehicle locator and speed control
  • Speed gauge reports (vehicles monitored for excessive speed by speed zone)
  • Mobil Eye lane departure and forward warning system
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • A truck driver safety checklist to help drivers take care of themselves and their vehicles

Additionally, we provide our managers and drivers with bonus incentives as they proactively engage in our Driver Safety Program. And to make sure we’re constantly improving our processes,  all accidents and injuries are tracked, reported and discussed with the Senior Management team every week.  

We don’t ever want our drivers to have to deal with an accident or injury, but if they do, we want to know what we can do better, what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And then we put those new processes into place.   

To help keep driver safety as top-of-mind as possible, especially during the winter trucking months, Lily Transportation will regularly share a variety of trucker safety tips and tricks to help our drivers keep themselves safe on the road. We even offer bonus incentives for drivers as part of our Driver Safety Program, which means we’re always looking for an excuse to spotlight drivers who represent Lily’s year-round commitment to trucking safety.  

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

What’s the Secret Ingredient to a Healthy Trucker Diet?

Creating and sticking to a healthy diet is hard enough as it is, but when you’re a truck driver who spends the majority of their day on the road, then eating healthy can feel extra challenging. If you’re looking to improve your diet, then these health tips for truck drivers can help you get started!

Make Meal Prep a Part of Your Truck Driving Lifestyle

Eating healthy while traveling is tricky. Most dining options are heavily focused on fast food, and even the snacks you’ll find at truck stops tend to be focused on candy, chips, and other less-than-healthy items.

But when you’re always on the move, you might not have time to seek out healthier options, which can leave you feeling stuck with the same old trucker diet you’ve always had.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

There is a solution, though! Instead of relying on fast food joints or truck stop snacks to keep you going, look into the benefits that meal prep for truck drivers can offer. 

Like a trucker told TruckingInfo.com, you can save time (and money) by meal prepping for yourself. This way, you won’t be tempted by the less-than-healthy foods offered at the truck stop. And since you’ll be making the food yourself, you’ll not only be able to keep it healthy, but you’ll also be able to make sure it’s something you actually enjoy eating.  

You can even buy a mini-oven for yourself and use it at truck stops. With one of these at your disposal, you can make meal prep a part of your truck driving lifestyle, cook (and freeze) meals before you leave for the day, and then cook them when you’re waiting for your cargo to be loaded or unloaded.

Create a Healthy Trucker Diet that Works for You

One of the great things about a truck driving career is that it provides you with a lot of flexibility. The truck driving lifestyle looks a little different for each driver, and with that flexibility comes the ability to make a trucker diet that fits your schedule and your preferences.

“Instead of drinking caffeinated sodas, energy drinks, or coffee,” CDL.com says, “drink water!” Or, if you don’t enjoy drinking water, then you try sprucing it up with fruit or other additional flavors. Even carbonated water can be a great way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day without all the extra calories energy drinks or sodas come with.

You should also find some healthy snacks to add to your trucker food list. Things like nuts, granola, smoothies, fruits, veggies, and some energy bars (although be careful with those; some of them have a lot of excess sugar in them) can be a great way to maintain a healthy trucker diet.

When it comes down to it, the “secret ingredient” to a healthy trucker diet isn’t a single ingredient but a collection of them. Staying healthy in any line of work requires dedication and at least a little effort. But when you make these tips a part of your truck driving lifestyle, then you’ll be in a great place to kickstart a whole new trucker diet for yourself.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

Trucking Safety Tips: Basics of Skid Control and Prevention

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 20% of the crashes that occur each year are weather-related, and the majority of these weather-related crashes happen as a result of wet or slick conditions. 

As you can imagine, winter driving skid control is a valuable skill in any context, but it’s an especially important one for truck drivers. If you’re a veteran driver and have already had more than your fair share of truck driving in winter, then these tips will be mostly review. And if you’re a newer truck driver, who maybe hasn’t experienced as many winter trucking conditions, then these trucking safety tips can help equip you with the tools you need to manage the winter roads ahead.

Familiarize Yourself with Winter Trucking Conditions

More than anything, the best skid control tip is also the simplest: know what kind of conditions can cause your truck to start skidding. Wet or icy roads are the biggest culprits, so if you’re driving in either of those conditions, stay alert and be extra careful. 

It’s not always easy to tell when the road is slippery, though, so if it’s actively raining or snowing, or has been recently, take things slow. Driving too fast can make your tires start to skid, as can worn tires, which is just another reason why it pays to prioritize the continued maintenance of your truck.

Give Yourself Lots of Time to Slow Down

Whenever you’re driving in winter conditions, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to brake and slow down before intersections, stop signs, and the like. “Slushy or snowy pavement causes a 30% to 40% speed reduction on major roads,” which means you’re going to need to give yourself extra time to come to a complete stop, as slippery roads will require you to ease off of the accelerator and gradually press down on your brake to come to a controlled stop.

Turn Your Wheel Into the Slide

You may remember this winter driving skid control tip from your driving course back in the day, but it’s worth reiterating, as it’s a skill you’re going to want easily accessible if you ever find your truck skidding across the slick pavement.

As soon as you feel the tires start to slide, turn your front wheels in the same direction that you’re slipping. This will help you regain control of the vehicle. Once you feel like you’re in control again, immediately turn your wheels away from the slide and get yourself going in a straight line again.

Familiarizing yourself with trucking safety tips and skid control tips like these is crucial, as you won’t have a lot of time to think about what you should do if your truck starts to skid. You want these skills to be as instinctual as possible, so if you’re ever caught off-guard by winter trucking conditions, you’ll be more than capable of managing them like a pro.

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

The 3 Trucking Technology Trends Lily Transportation is Excited About

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than it’s ever been before. Whether it’s the newest upgrades to our mobile devices or the latest trucking technology that’s being set up in our trucks, the future of trucking is shaping up to be a brave new world for carriers and drivers alike.

As exciting as these technology-centric trucking industry trends are, we’re still far away from the kind of future we’re used to seeing in science fiction. Instead, truck technology is being developed to improve the truck driving lifestyle and make the lives of everyone in the industry a little bit easier. 

Here are a few of the trucking technology trends and developments that we’re most excited about:

Dynamic Routing Advancements

Dynamic routing isn’t a new development in the trucking industry, but it is one of the most impressive. Not only is it constantly being iterated on and further developed, but these advancements have also made it possible for more and more trucks to start implementing this exciting technology.  

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

According to Fleet Owner, “Dynamic routing can add in adjustability and data to inform the paths taken, especially with traffic and weather information that today truly can get close to that often-made promise of ‘real-time.’” This means that carriers and their drivers can more efficiently plot a course from Point A to Point B and make sure that the route a driver takes is as safe and clear as possible.

As if increased safety and efficiency weren’t enough, dynamic routing can also help drivers get to their final destination faster, cut down on the amount of fuel their trucks consume per trip, better control costs, and make customers happier. And as a result of all this, carriers will be able to save money and find new ways to promote better truck driver health and safety.

This kind of trucking technology is still in various stages of development, but more than a couple carriers have begun experimenting with it, and we’re very excited to see it continue to advance and improve in the coming years.

Trucking Automation Features

It’s hard to talk about the future of trucking technology without mentioning automation. While there are plenty of people claiming that fully-automated trucks are inevitable, reality paints a very different picture.

“Truck drivers perform all kinds of tasks,” Harvard Business Review says. “From checking vehicles and securing cargo, to maintaining logs and providing customer service.  Many of these tasks are nowhere close to being automatable.” Even if an automated sensor can tell a driver that there’s a flat tire, it’s still up to the driver to get out and fix the tire.

Truck drivers aren’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be found in trucking automation. Some carriers have already started automating things like logbook updates, invoices, and other paperwork, but those are tasks that don’t require a human touch, just time. By implementing trucking automation features that streamline a driver’s workload, you can help them be better equipped to do their jobs to the best of their ability. 

Adapting to the Internet of Things (IoT)

In the same way that trucking automation can help streamline the truck driving lifestyle, embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) can also remove some of the busywork that keeps drivers from the things they’re best at. 

The “IoT forms a network of devices, vehicles and appliances which can actively share data. For example,” TransMetrics says, “networks of sensors mounted throughout the truck can monitor everything from tire pressure to load stability.” This is an excellent example of how trucking technology can improve the future of trucking, as it’ll help each driver operate their truck better than they’ve ever been able to before.

As new and exciting software for truckers comes into the market, we can start to see our first look into what the future of trucking might look like. 

Lily Transportation is excited to find and adopt new ways to take better care of our drivers and equip them with all the tools they need to succeed. If you’re interested in hearing more about the cutting edge and meticulously maintained equipment we offer, then get in touch with us today! We would love to hear from you.

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

What Does the Trucking Lifestyle Look Like for Veterans at Lily?

Getting started in any new career can feel overwhelming, especially when it’s your first career after serving in the military. If a laid-back office job sounds like the last thing you want to be doing, then you should look into the trucking lifestyle as a possible alternative.

Not only do trucking jobs for veterans offer tremendous potential for competitive pay, flexible schedules, and a low barrier for entry, but your experience in the military will make you a top candidate for any company looking to add to their team. To help you decide whether the trucking lifestyle is for you, here are a few things you can expect to find in a truck driving career:

The Trucking Lifestyle is Full of Unique Benefits for Veterans

“The trucking industry is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy,” Trucking.com says. “Nearly 71% of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. Without the industry and our truck drivers, the economy would come to a standstill.”

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If you’re interested in the trucking lifestyle, then you’re bound to discover a world full of opportunity. Trucking and transportation are some of the most crucial industries in the country, and as a result, truck driving careers are in constant high demand. Here’s a glimpse into just some of the benefits the truck driver lifestyle at Lily Transportation offers:

  • Annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 
  • Training curriculum that’s fully paid for by Lily (and won’t deplete your GI Bill benefits!). 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical and Dental Insurance 
  • Paid holiday and vacation time 
  • Matching 401K safety bonuses 
  • Health and wellness programs 
  • Cell phone allowance 
  • A flexible truck driver schedule
  • 24-hour dispatch

On top of that, the trucking lifestyle can change on a day-to-day basis, so you never know what kind of adventure could be waiting for you. One day you could be driving over long stretches of the countryside, and then you could be enjoying the stunning vistas from the winding roads of a mountain pass. 

It’s Easy to Get Started

Whether you know it or not, you’re already very qualified for a career in the trucking industry! Your experiences in the military have equipped you with the kind of perseverance, adaptability, and leadership skills that will serve you very well in the trucking lifestyle. 

The simple truth is that carriers are excited by the idea of working with you. Not only are companies like Lily Transportation actively offering truck driving jobs for veterans, but there are even programs that can dramatically streamline the training and certification processes. For example, if you operated heavy vehicles as part of your service, then you may qualify for the Military CDL Waiver

Transitioning back into the civilian lifestyle can be tricky, especially for veterans who are looking for a new career path. With veteran trucking jobs, however, you’ll be able to make a great income while also enjoying the flexibility and adventure the trucking industry is known for. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lily Veteran’s Network and their unique programs, contact our team today!

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Why You Should Prepare a Truck Driver Emergency Checklist

Anything can happen on the road, especially during the winter months. A storm can come out of nowhere and knock a tree onto the street; an accident can cause traffic to move to a crawl; a moose could wander out onto the highway and stubbornly refuse to move. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll encounter on a job, which is why every truck driver must have an emergency checklist.

A winter emergency can be defined in several ways, but it’s ultimately up to the discretion of each driver to decide for themselves whether a situation qualifies as an emergency or not. With that in mind, your truck driver’s winter emergency checklist should have all of the tools and equipment you could ever need. 

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

To help you make sure you have the right kind of truck driver emergency kit, we’ve outlined a few of the actions and items you’re going to want to be familiar with in the case of an emergency.

Planning for the Unpredictable with an Emergency Checklist

A truck driver emergency checklist is very similar to a truck driver emergency kit. Where the kit contains the kinds of equipment you’ll need, the emergency checklist will be the roadmap that shows you how and when to use that equipment.

For example, if you’re stuck in a nasty snowstorm and need to stop driving, then your truck driver emergency kit should contain items like:

  • Thick, warm blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Bottled water and healthy snacks
  • Whistle
  • Snow shovel
  • Flares
  • A simple tool kit (screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, etc.)
  • Cell phone charger(s) 

With these items, you’ll be able to take care of yourself and your truck (don’t forget about that part!) by sticking to the emergency checklist you prepared ahead of time. You don’t have to have a checklist for every conceivable situation, of course. But, it would be best if you have a basic understanding of the kinds of winter situations you could encounter and have a rough gameplan for how you would deal with them.

In the case of the snowstorm example, you would want to hang tight in your truck (if possible) and pull over at the safest exit. From there, you can use your truck driver emergency kit to stay warm and energized so you’ll be ready to go when it’s time to get back on the road.

And, as always, make sure you have tire chains easily accessible to you. If you get hit by a sudden snowstorm, then you’re going to want to put those chains on your tires to give you more traction on the slick surface of the road.

What Should Be on Your Emergency Checklist?

When prepping an emergency checklist for yourself, be sure to talk with your carrier about it. They’ll be able to help you identify the truck driver essentials you’ll need, provide important info that you’ll want to have on-hand (phone numbers to call in case of an emergency, for example), and much more. 

This is also one of the reasons Lily Transportation provides weekly training sessions and 24-hour dispatch for all of its drivers. We never want someone on our team to feel like they’re unprepared or on their own.  Safety is the top priority at Lily which is one of the reasons why we’re always available to help our drivers if they come upon a situation they don’t know how to deal with.

The actions and information that eventually end up on your truck driver emergency checklist will vary depending on your preferences, the routes you and your carrier use, and the kinds of weather you expect to encounter. 

But, above all else, always remember that it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared. So before you hit the road, be sure to go through your truck driver safety checklist, take your DOT-compliant truck kit with you, and double-check your truck emergency kit to make sure it has all the supplies you might need.

The Benefits of a Career at Lily

Lily Transportation Makes Hiring Veterans a Top Priority. Here’s How.

There are plenty of civilian jobs for veterans out there, but finding the right one for you and your skills is easier said than done. With the flexible work schedules, competitive pay, incredible opportunities for growth and adventure, and the countless companies excited by the prospect of hiring veterans, a trucking job may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Lily Transportation is excited to help you find a new career path after your time in the military, and we’re committed to making hiring veterans a core piece of our company’s business strategy. Here are just a few of the ways that we do that:

We Offer Training Programs for Veteran Truck Drivers

Before you get behind the wheel, you’re going to need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you drove heavy machinery during your time in the military, then you may be eligible for the military CDL waiver, which will expedite the certification process and get you behind the wheel faster. But even if you don’t qualify, the FMCSA makes it easy to get started.

Once you get your CDL, you can enroll in the Lily Veterans Network, where we will work with you to fine-tune your skills so you’re fully prepared for whatever the open road has in store. Additionally, the eight-week training course is fully paid for by Lily and will not deplete your GI Bill benefits.

We want to make sure you’re not only equipped with all the expertise you need to thrive as a military CDL driver but also that you’re well-compensated. This is why the training curriculum comes with a paid salary of $800 a week plus company benefits. Upon graduation from the program, you’ll be placed in an over-the-road assignment and will receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 

We’re Actively Hiring Veterans!

Lily Transportation is always excited about hiring veterans, and we’re eager to get in touch with anyone who is:

  • Interested in a career as a commercial trucker but doesn’t have any experience
  • A current commercial driver or someone who operated a heavy truck in the military
  • Experienced in leadership roles and wants to apply the skills they’ve earned in the military to the transportation industry

The characteristics and skills military veterans possess are incredibly dynamic and valuable, and Lily is actively looking to hire veterans in military CDL jobs. No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have), we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today to learn more about the kinds of trucking jobs for veterans we have available and what the Lily family can offer you! We can’t wait to get to know you.

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Lily Transportation’s Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Prioritizing trucking safety is one of the most important things a truck driver (and their carrier) can do. When you spend most of your day behind the wheel of a truck, you need to be aware of things that someone driving a normal car won’t have to worry about. With this in mind, Lily Transportation wants to share some safety tips for truck drivers that will help keep you, and everyone you share the road with, as safe as possible.

The Best Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

While all of the training and certifications you went through to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) have left you well-equipped with the tools and skills you need to succeed behind the wheel, it’s important to never stop learning. Even the most experienced truck drivers can continue to expand their expertise, and that’s what we want to help you do with these truck driver safety tips. 

Let’s get to it!

1) Complete a CDL Pre-Trip Inspection

Before you hit the road, you should always perform a CDL pre-trip inspection. This inspection will tell you if your truck is ready to be driven and covers things like “major hoses, fluid levels, brakes, tires, lights, couplings, clutch or gearshift, emergency equipment and much more.

Employers require a CDL pre-trip inspection for truck safety reasons before a driver gets on the road, but it’s good practice to go through your truck driver safety checklist at the start of every day. This way, you always know how your truck is doing and can keep tabs on anything that could be cause for concern later down the line of your trip.

2) Always Use (and Pay Attention) to Signals

Using your signals is a fundamental part of driving, regardless of the size of the vehicle you’re operating. However, when driving a truck, you need to pay special attention to how and when you’re using your signals as well as when the drivers around you are using their signals. 

Always signal well-before you’re making a turn or merging into another lane so that other drivers can make room for you. Check your mirrors every 8-10 seconds, so you don’t miss a vehicle that’s entering your blind spots. And if you ever have to pull off the road, use your flashers, reflective triangles, and road flares (if necessary) to alert others to your presence.

3) Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

There are all sorts of things that can happen on the road, but planning a trip ahead of time will undoubtedly make you better equipped to handle those things. Before you get behind the wheel, take some time to look at the weather you might be facing. Look at traffic, check out the best route to take, and make sure you pinpoint any stops you’ll want to make. This is one of the easiest safety tips for truck drivers and will go a long way toward getting you where you’re going as quickly (and safely) as possible.

4) Stay Energized & Focused

An essential, but often overlooked, truck driver safety tip is snacks. When you’re driving all day, you need to keep yourself energized and focused, ideally without the sugar or caffeine crash that comes as a result of coffee or energy drinks. So, instead of stocking up on those all-too-tempting salty and sugary snacks, try a variety of mixed nuts, fruits, veggies, and protein shakes.

Not only will these nutritious snacks keep your energy levels high, but when paired with a steady intake of water, it will keep you from getting hungry before it’s time to stop for a proper meal. And since these healthy snacks taste great, keeping them on hand is one of the easiest safety tips for truck drivers to adopt!

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