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Teamwork is one of our core philosophies. We strive to be our best today and even better tomorrow.



At Lily, we believe people are our greatest asset.  We understand that without our dedicated, talented employees, we would not be the successful company we are today.  Lily strives to treat every employee as a member of our “family”; with respect, honesty and fairness.  We’re proud to say that we have one of the highest retention rates in the industry and we believe that is a direct result of our operating philosophies.

The Lily Transportation LLC Philosophy

The two statements of principles provided below are posted at every operation that we manage for our clients and are regularly reviewed by our management, drivers and administrators.

We “walk the talk” and, because of our adherence to these values, we provide exceptional performance, and, therefore, we have been successful. However, in all our success, we must stay humble.

We must remember that yes, we work hard, smart and with great diligence, but our success is not ours alone, it comes by the grace of God. 

–  John Simourian II, Chairman

Operating Philosophy

  1.   Safety First – no injuries & no accidents – See “Be Proactive”            below
  2.    DOT “Satisfactory” Carrier – no violations, protect this house
  3.    People are our Greatest Asset – hire well, train properly and           motivate
  4.    Know & Plan – we don’t accept surprises
  5.    Go & See – inspect to expectation
  6.    Relentless Attention to Detail – in everything we do
  7.    Image – is perception, we are Clean & Green
  8.    Profit – we always meet our profitability targets thru Safety           First
  9.    Customer – we provide perfect service and we get paid on time
  10.    Vendor – accountable to us, inspected by us, paid on time
  11.    Be Proactive: Every day, every week, on every issue

Seven Social Sins

  1.  Wealth without work.
  2.    Pleasure without conscience.
  3.    Knowledge without character.
  4.    Commerce without morality.
  5.    Science without humanity.
  6.    Worship without sacrifice.
  7.    Politics without principle.
  • From a sermon given by
    Frederick Lewis Donaldson
    Westminster Abbey, London
    March 20, 1925


Our leadership team, comprised of shipping and logistics experts, each with decades of experience, ensures that our clients receive the best, most sophisticated service possible.

Rusty Stevens

Vice President of Fleet Services