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We pride ourselves on the success of our customers.



Our Best Today, and Even Better Tomorrow

Through multiple Key Performance Indicators as well as constant monitoring of data, we are able to ensure that each customer receives an optimized service. Our client’s success is paramount at Lily Transportation LLC.

Lily’s Core and Flex Fleet Methodology gives you the ability to deliver to your customers efficiently regardless of peaks in demand for your product. Our new, top of the line equipment, ensures that down time is minimized and timely deliveries are optimized.

Key Performance Indicators

  • For each of our customers we mutually establish Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”) that are both economic and service based to ensure we are performing at the highest level.
  • We continuously monitor this KPI data and analyze the cause of any deviations.
  • Once we understand the cause of a deviation, we revise the process and retest.
  • Once approved, we standardize revised processes and train our people in order to continuously improve our efficiencies and our service.

Our Equipment

  • 65 mph for local and regional fleets and 72 mph for OTR Fleets
  • Speed gauge reports (vehicles monitored for excessive speed by speed zone)
  • Mobil Eye lane departure and forward warning system
  • Manager Bonus incentives to proactively manage Driver Safety Program
  • Corporate Safety Department reports directly to President and CEO
  • All Accidents and All Injuries tracked and reported weekly to Senior Management
  • Safe Hiring: Driver Logs; PeopleNet

Safety is Our Top Priority


Safety is our highest priority and we have a comprehensive safety program to ensure we operate in the safest manner — for our drivers, our clients and the community.

  • DOT Rating: Satisfactory
  • DOT Compliance Review: October 18, 2017
  • DOT # 24491
  • D.O.T. Files complete with MVR and PSP reports
  • Driver Physicals & Drug and Alcohol Testing as required by D.O.T.
  • Driver Road Tests before hiring
  • Two years verifiable experience required.
  • Driver Logs & Trip Reports: verification of accuracy by managers
  • PeopleNet E Log systems (Electronic on Board Recorders)
  • Discreet Wireless real time vehicle locater and speed control

Lily is Eco Friendly


Every truck operated by Lily has a fuel efficient design, technology and standards under which it operates.

  • Aerodynamically designed trucks – including  Eco-flaps, sloped hoods, large air shields, cab extenders, aero bumpers and mirrors
  • Cummins Diesel (ZERO) Emission Solutions
  • Bio-diesel Flex-fuel – E85 fuel for our California fleet
  • White Trailer Roofs – We try to help the refrigeration system burn less fuel by not working so hard to keep the products we deliver at perfect temperature
  • Idle Time Shut Down – we reduce Fuel Usage and Carbon Footprint by limiting Idle Time to just 3 Minutes
  • SmartTruck Next-Generation Trailer Aerodynamics UT-6 system. It’s an EPA “verified” aerodynamic technology that channels the wind resistance around the wheels and behind the trailers as well as redirecting air from the roof and trailer sides out past the rear where all the drag occurs
  • Light weight trailers
  • PeopleNet – Electronic On-board Recorder (EOBR). These monitor each vehicles fuel usage by driver to help better train them in fuel efficient driving and track progress to reward their efforts
  • Optimal Delivery Design – We utilize logistics design software that helps us reduce our delivery route miles for fuel savings. Fewer miles means fewer gallons
  • 65 mph for local and regional fleets and 72 mph for OTR Fleets