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Why Now is a Great Time for Women to Enter the Trucking Industry


It’s no secret that the trucking industry has a wealth of new opportunities for drivers. Recently, the industry experienced its fastest pace of growth since 2015, according to Supply Chain Dive Magazine, a news publication of the supply chain industry.

Transport Topics, a transportation industry publication, also noted that the trucking industry also added 18,500 new jobs in the first quarter of 2018. To keep up with demand, the trucking industry needs to hire tens of thousands of new drivers over the next several years.

Trucking is often viewed as a male-dominated profession. The stereotype of the male trucker is prevalent in TV, movies, and other media. But women have long made vital contributions to the transportation and logistics industries. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation:

“From wagons and horse carts to bicycles, automobiles, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and space vehicles, women have served as inventors, pilots, engineers, drivers, administrative professionals, conductors, executives and in a host of other vital occupations.”

If more women are encouraged to enter the trucking industry, it would be less of a seismic shift and more of a return to form.

Despite the stereotype, there are already many women truck drivers on the roads and plenty of women truck driving jobs available. At present, women comprise between 4.1% and 6% of the entire truck driver population. They are still a minority, but those numbers are expected to go up as companies expand campaigns and provide more truck driving jobs.  

There are plenty of reasons trucking is an attractive career for women. In other industries, women often face salary disparities compared to their male counterparts. In the trucking industry, drivers are typically paid by the mile.

Transportation companies, governments, and businesses that support drivers along the road are also becoming more aware of the needs of female drivers. That means there are more female-friendly facilities and more customizable equipment for women.

Trucking Companies Are Actively Hiring More Women

One non-profit organization is leading the charge to encourage companies to hire women and to encourage more women to pursue a career in trucking.

Women in Trucking (WIT) was founded in 2007 and has spent over a decade promoting career opportunities, working to improve working conditions, and serving as a resource for women in the trucking industry. Lily Transportation Corp. has long been a supporter of Women in Trucking as well as a sponsor and participant in WIT events.

Companies continue to recognize the unique contributions women make to their teams and are actively seek more women drivers. According to Ellen Voie, president of Women in Trucking:

“Women can bring a different perspective to the business, be it the driver’s seat, the boardroom, or the executive office.”

Safety is a top priority for most trucking companies, and it’s another reason they are seeking women truck drivers. According to studies by the United States Institute for Highway Safety and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, women are statistically safe drivers. Those accidents that do occur are typically less serious than those of their male counterparts.

Start Your Career as a Driver with Lily Transportation Corp.

If you’re a woman considering a new career in the trucking industry, look no further than Lily Transportation Corp., the company named after mom! We’re searching for women truck drivers to join our family. We provide our drivers with competitive pay, health benefits, paid holiday and vacation time, custom branded clothing, and other great benefits!

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