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2023 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


The week of September 10th thru the 16th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is the one official week of the year that Americans take time to recognize all truck drivers who keep our country supplied and running.

Lily would like to thank not only our dedicated and professional drivers, but also the 3.6 million men and women in our industry for their hard work in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding jobs.

Our drivers deliver our customer’s goods safely, securely and on-time, which often times goes unnoticed. The importance and success of our drivers at Lily is appreciated and recognized not only during this week, but throughout the year!

The past few years we have successfully managed up and down economies, fuel pricing, Covid, weather events and other challenges. Our drivers have met all obstacles and our company is better positioned to succeed because of them.

Lily salutes your efforts and your dedication to our industry. Our best wishes go out to all our drivers and their families for a job well done!

-Mike Stanton, SVP Operations & Compliance


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