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Is Long Distance Truck Driving Fun for OTR Team Drivers?

OTR Team Drivers

When it comes to the trucking industry, there is no shortage of job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a regional driving position or the more ambitious lifestyle of an over-the-road (OTR) driver, there’s an opening just waiting for you to claim it. 

An industry veteran said on Trucking Truth that having a career as an OTR driver means “You’ll make very good money, have a ton of fun, and have a career that keeps our economy moving and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.” This sentiment rings especially true for OTR team drivers, who not only get an opportunity to make more money but also get to experience the open road with a partner. 

If you’ve already spent some time driving alone, or are a first-time trucker looking to get started, then OTR team driving might be a route worth pursuing. When you hit the open road with a partner, you’ll be making a higher profit, covering (and seeing) more of the country, and yes, even have more fun. 

Share the Adventure

Driving across the country is an adventure in its own right—you’ll see the sights in a way very few people get the opportunity to—but doing it with another driver is an adventure all its own. 

OTR driving is, by nature, structured around a schedule that keeps you moving. Your day-to-day driving schedule may not look that different, but the things you’ll see and encounter will look different each new day on the road. And when you’re traveling with a partner, you’ll have someone to share the workload and the adventure with. even says that “you may find that team driving is even more fun than solo driving because it’s a shared experience. Having someone to talk to and to share both the work and the fun with can keep your time on the road from getting stale.” You can even travel with a significant other and share the drive with them if you’re both CDL-certified. 

This is becoming an increasingly popular option for OTR team drivers, as it means both drivers get to make almost twice as much as they would driving solo while also working alongside someone they already trust and rely on. 

With the extra income you’ll both be making, and the reduced living expenses since you’ll be spending so much time on the road, you’ll have the freedom to expand your retirement fund, savings account, or put your income toward other goals. OTR team driving jobs can become a flexible and dynamic career, and many companies are more than happy to work with you and find a schedule that meets you (and your partner’s) needs. 

For example, in an article on The Atlantic, a married couple is asked what it was like driving together on an OTR team and said, “Oh, it was fun. It was like we were on vacation everywhere we went.” 

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Truck driving can be hard work, but it rewards those who are willing to commit to the truck driving lifestyle. With competitive pay, a wealth of benefits, and the ability to drive with a partner (and make more money while doing so), the industry is rife with opportunity for professionals looking for an exciting new career path. 

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