What Can We Do For You?

Our Dedicated Logistics Systems are customized to meet our client’s unique needs with focus on anticipating and responding to changes in supply chain demand.

Because we are a Dedicated Contract Carrier, we customize the fleet, operations team and drivers to become your fleet, your team and your drivers. All will look and operate to your specifications, all will be seamless to your customers. We are Dedicated to your industry and to delivering your product on time, on budget, every time!

Direct Store Delivery
Highly Efficient
Ideal for dense delivery areas our highly efficient routing performed Daily, Nightly, and even Unattended from your DC or consolidation point.
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Peak Demand
Rising to The Occasion
Lily’s Core and Flex Fleet Methodology gives you the ability to deliver to your customers efficiently regardless of peaks in demand for your product.
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Team Services
Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast, On Time, Constantly Monitored. Better service than rail with the added value of specialized handling throughout the delivery process
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Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever. Increasing profitable revenue, improving service and reducing costs are necessary to remain competitive.
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