What Can We Do For You?

  • Our Dedicated Logistics Systems are customized to meet our client’s unique needs with focus on anticipating and responding to changes in supply chain demand.
  • Because we are a Dedicated Contract Carrier, we customize the fleet, operations team and drivers to become your fleet, your team and your drivers. All will look and operate to your specifications, all will be seamless to your customers.
  • We are Dedicated to your industry and to delivering your product on time, on budget, every time!

Highly Efficient

Ideal for dense delivery areas our highly efficient routing performed Daily, Nightly, and even Unattended from your DC or consolidation point.

Direct Store/Multi-Stop Delivery

Ideal for dense delivery areas our highly efficient routing performed Daily, Nightly, and even Unattended from your DC or consolidation point. Lily can take your LTL delivered products and build those deliveries into a dedicated delivery system that saves you money. We will reduce your OS&D to nothing because of our drivers that are dedicated to you and trained in your products handling needs.


When your delivery volumes peak, Lily always comes through.

“I have been impressed with Lily’s ability to respond to schedule changes and your ability to deliver nearly flawless service. We service a very sensitive customer and Lily has helped us provide world class service from day one. Thanks again for your dedication and professionalism.”
Robert Pavlasky, VP Operations, VersaCold

VersaCold, one of the largest worldwide providers of temperature controlled distribution centers awarded Lily with a long-term contract to manage and operate the Direct Store Delivery operations for one of its largest customers, Shop Rite (Wakefern) Supermarkets.

Lily is responsible for delivery to ShopRite stores throughout New England, NY, NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania.

In addition Lily is responsible for the traditional grocery industry weekly peak demand deliveries that result in volume surges of over 40% each week through Lily’s FlexFleet capabilities.

Lily was chosen because of Lily’s proven ability to operate a multi-stop, time sensitive distribution system within the congested Pennsylvania, New York and New England corridor. In addition Lily’s CoreFleet and FlexFleet Methodologies were needed due to VersaCold’s additional (40%increase) delivery volume demands that occur each week and during their critical Thanksgiving to Christmas peak period.

Lily’s professional On-Site management combined with Lily’s Platform for Continuous Improvement has resulted in 99.8% On-Time store deliveries and reduced Cost per Delivery.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Peak Demand Response
  • CoreFleet – FlexFleet Methodology
  • On Time Deliveries – Always
  • Optimized Routing – Exceptional Asset Utilization
  • Lowest Cost – Exceptional Service Performance

Our DSD gives you:

  • Scanning
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Product returns
  • OS&D Tracking
  • On-Time Delivery

Read Our DSD Case Study for Lindt, Master Chocolatier.

Rising to The Occasion

Lily’s Core and Flex Fleet Methodology gives you the ability to deliver to your customers efficiently regardless of peaks in demand for your product.

Peak Demand Services

Why pay for drivers, vehicles, insurance, registrations and other associated costs when they are not needed?

Why run the risk of adding leased labor and high cost rental equipment to perform your additional  delivery needs?

Lily’s Core and Flex Fleet Methodology gives you the ability to deliver to your customers efficiently regardless of peaks  in demand for your product. Your Core Fleet will operate during your base volume period and Lily will enhance your delivery process during your Peak Demand periods with additional cross trained drivers and equipment. This Core Fleet/Flex Fleet methodology allows you to deliver your product to your customers with consistent excellence in service regardless of demand.

Whole Foods Market

The entire Lily team provided Whole Foods with outstanding service during our busiest time of the year. It is really a credit to your people that made this happen. Whole Foods broke records in product movement… each progressive day this week. Lily came through with the additional equipment and drivers to satisfy a spike in volume of 50% in a 2 week period and their proven surge capabilities have kept our service levels high.

Rick Ballard, Assoc. Facility Team Leader

Whole Foods Market is the world’s leader in natural and organic foods, with more than 270 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available and maintains the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Lily is responsible for two dedicated logistics fleets to most efficiently manage and operate Whole Foods’ North Atlantic and South Pacific Direct Store Deliveries. Vendor products through backhaul management, yard activities and inter company transport between DC and Commissaries are also handled by Lily as well as all potential inbound transportation. Lily’s dedicated fleets must regularly Flex by over 50% each year to handle traditional seasonal needs.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Flex Fleet for Surge Volumes
  • Perishable Products Experience
  • Continuous System Re-Engineering
  • Real Time Performance Tracking

Our Flex Fleets Gives You:

  • Additional Drivers & Equipment only when you need them
  • Drivers trained in your product delivery standards
  • Additional Equipment with minimal notice from Lily’s nearby operations
  • No additional liability or risk

Your Job On Time

Construction site deliveries require specialized equipment and trained and certified drivers. Lily can provide that.

Job Site Delivery Services

Construction site deliveries usually need specialized equipment like flatbeds, booms and spiders and drivers trained and certified to operate that specialized equipment. Whether it’s bag cement, entire cement mini-plants or other building products we do, have done and can do it for you.

Package Pavement

Providing Dedicated union and non-union Job site deliveries

Lily was chosen because of Lily’s proven ability to operate as a non-union and union dedicated contract carrier. In addition, Lily’s commitment to Continuous Improvement.

Package Pavement produces and markets Quikrete Brand Bag Cement products throughout Western New England, New Jersey and New York.

What makes this relationship a unique one is that it consists of both a non-union and a union labor force. Non Union: responsible for all Direct Store deliveries. Union: responsible for all union Job Site deliveries.

There are over 650 deliveries made by Lily each week, and all are pre-scheduled by Lily On-Site Management and tracked though GPS for On-Time performance. Lily’s proven ability to operate as both a non-union and union dedicated contract carrier. In addition, The Lily FlexFleet system provides for an additional 60% increase in drivers and tractors during Package Pavement’s peak seasonal summer period resulting in all deliveries being made by trained drivers with proper equipment.

Lily was chosen for several reasons

  • Spiders, Booms, Flatbeds
  • Drivers Certified in Specialty Equipment
  • Tarp and Strap Loads
  • Real Time Communications
  • Non-Union & Union affiliations
  • Excess Weight Permits

Monitored Deliveries

Whether your products are Frozen, Fresh or are combined for multi-temp loads, Lily delivers in specially engineered equipment.

Perishable Product Delivery Services

Whether your products are Frozen, Fresh or are combined for multi-temp loads, Lily delivers in specially engineered equipment. All deliveries are monitored throughout delivery process for temperature, door openings and delivery times. Additionally Lily can help reduce the cost of your outbound deliveries through our backhaul network or by working with your buyers to incorporate the transportation of your own inbound products or ingredients on the dedicated fleet’s return trip to your location.

Charter Baking

This Direct Store Delivery system was designed by Lily to handle not only the core business but also respond to the seasonal increases that are as much as 150% of the regular volume.

Charter Baking is one of the largest 100% certified-organic bakers in the United States and is dedicated to baking a variety of the finest natural and organic breads without the use of any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Charter’s brands include Vermont Bread, Rudi’s Organics, Mathews and The Baker.

This Direct Store Delivery system was engineered and is operated by Lily to handle not only the core business volume but also respond to the seasonal increases that are as much as 150% of the regular volume. These fluctuations also vary day to day based on promotions and sales. Lily drivers are trained in product handling as well as recognizing the various brands being delivered.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Balance equipment and drivers with customer orders
  • Periodic Review of system design to continually ensure lowest cost distribution
  • Ensure 100% Driver Productivity
  • Dynamic routing every day

Specialized equipment

  • Temperature & Delivery Time Monitoring
  • Multi-Temp loads
  • Backhaul

Less Traffic. More Efficient

Overnight delivery means less traffic resulting in making more stops per vehicle.

Unattended Overnight Delivery

Unattended/Overnight deliveries are when traffic is at its worst. Overnight delivery means less traffic resulting in making more stops per vehicle. If you don’t have receivers available we have the know-how to make your delivery Unattended. More stops per vehicle results in fewer vehicles, lower cost per delivery and improved bottom line.

Genuine Parts Company, NAPA

Over 2900 Unattended, Over Night deliveries every week

“Lily’s commitment and ability to satisfy our daily driver and vehicle needs 100% of the time is second to none.”
Steve Tee, Genuine Parts Company

Lily has been awarded contract after contract because of our ability to hire, train and maintain a dedicated driver workforce responsible for making unattended night-time deliveries and scanning each part delivered. These are key benefits to NAPA Distribution Centers, with customer order to delivery cycle time reduced to just 10 hours from the previous 24 hours due to this unattended-overnight system.

  • 1988 the first contract awarded to Lily for the New Jersey Distribution Center
  • 1996 the second contract awarded to Lily for the Albany, NY Distribution Center
  • 1998 the third contract awarded to Lily for the Massachusetts Distribution Center

Cumulatively Lily is responsible for deliveries throughout New England, New Jersey and New York. There are over 2900 Unattended deliveries per week, all of which are made at night (10pm to7am) giving NAPA one of the fastest order-to-delivery cycle time’s in the auto parts distribution business.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Unattended Overnight
  • Zero Driver Turnover
  • Scanning
  • Delivery Guarantee against Over, Short & Damage
  • Multi-Stop
  • Specialized equipment

Our Unattended Overnight Delivery Service gives you:

  • Specially Hired and Trained Drivers
  • Equipment with special lighting
  • Scanning and Tracking
  • Communications Technology

Flexible Supply Line

Customer deliveries can change throughout the day. That’s why we have On Site Management that is working with you throughout the day.

Dynamic Routing Services

We know that customer deliveries can change throughout the day. That’s why we have On Site Management that is working with you throughout the day, the software and management systems to handle your ever changing routing needs as well as additional drivers and equipment.

Lily will keep your supply line to your customers flexible to help you grow your business with them.

RockTenn Company

Inbound & outbound product coordinated for exceptional transport efficiency

  • 99.8% On-Time customer deliveries
  • 28% Reduction in Customer Delay Time
  • 21% Reduction in Plant Delay Time
  • 11% Reduction in C/MSFD

RockTenn’s Missisquoi Mill located on the Vermont-Quebec border manufactures and distributes 100% recycled fiber chip board throughout the Eastern United States and Canada.

The roll stock manufactured in Vermont is delivered by Lily to RockTenn converter facilities in Quebec as well as customers throughout the East for packaging pasta, cereal, dog biscuits and other products. Critical to the mills’ operation is the inbound waste paper needed to manufacturer the 100% recycled chipboard. Coordination of the in and outbound loads is critical to reducing empty miles and reducing the overall coast of transportation for this mill. Lily Logistic Engineers designed a Dedicated Logistics System that incorporated all aspects of the mill and converter facilities transportation needs into one cost effective solution: Outbound finished goods coordinated with Inbound waste paper and recycling.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Light Weight Equipment
  • Flex Fleeting
  • Balance equipment and labor resources with customer orders and inbound waste moves
  • Manage outbound and inbound moves to minimize empty miles
  • Driver Productivity
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Multi-Plant Transport Coordination

Read Our Dynamic Routing Case Study on Joshen Paper & Packaging.

On Time Guaranteed

Lily engineered and operates Coast to Coast, Regional and Multi-Stop. We guarantee that we will get your products to your customers as planned.

Time Sensitive Deliveries

Lily engineered and operated dedicated logistics systems are Coast to Coast, Regional and Multi-Stop. All are built for On Time Performance. We guarantee that we will get your products to your customers as planned.

We track all of our deliveries through On Board Computer Technology and we have On Board Communications with all drivers if we need to re-direct them while in route too. We can even alert your customers receivers while we are on the way to them and or when we are just minutes away. Finally we will automatically alert you when the delivery is made.

The Jackson Laboratory

“I have contracted with Lily Transportation for many years to transport a very sensitive product requiring climate controlled conditions and timely delivery precision. High standards and Lily’s commitment to quality service has made Lily a favorite of our organization. Trust, dependability and professionalism are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Lily and the outstanding service they provide. Lily has a wonderful reputation and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Laura Blanchard, The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory, founded in 1929, is dedicated to discovery of the genetic basis for preventing, treating and curing human disease, and enable’s research and education for the global biomedical community. There are 38 Principal Investigators leading research groups in six major areas: Cancers, Computational biology Bioinformatics, Developmental and reproductive biology, Immunology, Metabolic Diseases, Neurobiology.

Lily was chosen because of Lily’s proven commitment to On-Time delivery and Temperature controlled dedicated fleet and drivers trained in the handling of perishable products. We maintain no more than a 4 degree variation throughout each specially equipped trailer in order to properly perform our deliveries. Extensive on board communications and reporting database allows for real time reporting on all aspects of the operation.

Lily was chosen for several reasons:

  • Perishable
  • Time Sensitive
  • Real Time Data Communications
  • Specialized Equipment

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast, On Time, Constantly Monitored. Better service than rail with the added value of specialized handling throughout the delivery process

Team Services

Coast to Coast, On Time, Constantly Monitored.  Better service than rail with the added value of specialized handling throughout the delivery process

Lily’s dedicated capacity has enabled our customers to operate at a reduced cost per mile while maintaining a very high level of on-time service.

Lily operates team services for companies throughout North America.  Because of our proven ability to operate Efficient Dedicated Teams that provide service from U.S., Canadian, and Mexican manufacturing sites to the Distribution Centers and to our customers customers.

Our teams travel coast to coast.

Companies choose Lily because we offer:

  • Coast to Coast
  • Scheduled Delivery Windows
  • Real Time Communications
  • Load & Delivery Time Tracking

Our Team Services give you:

  • Specialized Team Equipment
  • Specialized and Trained Drivers
  • Team Sleepers; Smartway Certified; low emissions and minimal carbon footprint

Learn More

Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever. Increasing profitable revenue, improving service and reducing costs are necessary to remain competitive.


Is partnering with a Dedicated Contract Carrier right for you?

Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever. Increasing profitable revenue, improving service and reducing costs are necessary to remain competitive.

Outsourcing or blending your Private Fleet with a Dedicated Contract   Carrier may be the solution for your company to improve its profitability and service performance.

Changing from a distribution system that relies on Truckload or Less than Truckload carriers to an outsourced private fleet (Dedicated Contract Carrier) can reduce cost per unit delivered and improve service to your customer.

We hope that the information below can help you decide.

Who Uses Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC)?

Dedicated Carriers provide service performance and are highly efficient in most industries. Auto parts to grocery, from bakery to building materials, you may be surprised at how many companies have decided to outsource a portion of their fleet or their entire private fleet.

Who assumes liability of the fleet and drivers?

Liability is assumed by the Dedicated Contract Carrier – we’re responsible for the drivers and their actions, including workers compensation and both liability & physical damages should there ever be an incident.

Who decides if/when something needs to change in the operation?

The On Site Operations Manager works as part of your team and will continuously adjust the fleet operations as your business fluctuates.

What is a DCC and what is included in my DCC operation?

Different people have different definitions of what Dedicated Contract Carriage is or is not. A Lily Dedicated Contract Carriage system includes:

  • System Design – to your needs: highly efficient and service sensitive
  •  On Site Management – hired and trained and Dedicated to you to manage the system on your behalf reporting to Lily’s team of regionally deployed senior manager
  • Dedicated Drivers – hired and trained to the system parameters that have been customized to your business
  •  Software integrated – to your business, reporting systems designed to fit your needs
  • Dedicated Equipment (trucks, tractors, trailers) – designed for efficiency, (we are not captive to the vehicles we use, we don’t use whatever is available),  we use what will get the highest MPG and load capacity for lowest CPU
  • Lily Support – Continuous Improvement Process, CSA 2010, Safety, Ongoing Re-Engineering, Additional Drivers, Equipment and Management

What if I expand or change my operations?

If you change your operations we will adjust our customized system to your company needs.

Where will my Fleet be located?

Your fleet will be domiciled at the location chosen by you.

Where will my Lily Operations Manager & Drivers be located?

The Operations Manager(s) will be on-site at your site working from your DC every day as part of your team. Lily Dedicated Drivers will report to duty to the location to which they are dedicated. They will be scheduled by and report to the on-site Lily Operations Manager.

When can I get started?

  • Whenever you are ready we’ll schedule an introductory meeting to review your current operations, and determine if a Lily Dedicated Logistics System will be beneficial to you and your company.
  • If you wish to proceed we will then need your distribution data (usually a two week period) for our logistics analysis and we will again meet to review our findings and our Preliminary system design.
  • Once reviewed together and any needed revisions are made we will get back together to review the finished system design as well as a cost benefit and efficiency comparison against your current operations.

Why would I want to change my logistics system now?

  • You might want to consider outsourcing to Lily for a customized Dedicated Contract System now or in the future.
  • It takes approximately 60 days from the time we receive your distribution data to provide a finished system design.
  • You are involved throughout the design process and you dictate the service parameters that will be incorporated into the system cost.
  • Our Dedicated Logistics Systems reduce our clients’ annual transportation costs by ten percent and more often by over fifteen percent.
  • Liability, capital investment, regulatory compliance management (CSA 2010, revised HOS rules… ), all are Lily’s responsibility.
  • We can often create additional revenues via Backhauls.

How many trucks & drivers are in a DCC?

The size of a fleet depends solely on the distribution needs of the customer being serviced. It depends upon your operation and what will be most cost effective and efficient. We’ll work it out together during the analysis phase.

How can I be sure my customers will be as satisfied as they are today?

We’re so confident your customers will be satisfied that we insist that we mutually agree to metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), to measure as part of our system. We incorporate these KPI into our weekly billing system and review them with you weekly and on a formal basis as part of a quarterly meeting of senior managers. These Metrics can be adjusted throughout the contract.

How long does it take to implement a dedicated fleet?

Since a Lily Dedicated Logistics System is customized to your specifications, the amount of time to fully analyze existing operations, design a more efficient system and seamlessly implement the dedicated logistics system can take approximately 90 days.

How long does my contract run?

Contract term is mutually agreed upon and depends upon the scope of the operation.