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What’s the Truck Driver Lifestyle Like for a Young Truckers?

truck driver lifestyle

The transportation and logistics industry is changing fast. As the current generation of trucking experts near retirement, it’s time to pass on their years of experience to a new generation of young, driven, and excited truckers. 

But what does the truck driving lifestyle look like for these young truckers? What kind of truck driving schedules should they expect? Where will their industry be in ten, or even twenty, years? If you’re a young truck driver interested in learning more about what the truck driving life might have in store for you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are just a few (of the many) features of the truck driver lifestyle: 

A Self-Made Truck Driving Schedule

Perhaps the most appealing quality in the truck driving lifestyle stems from the ability to curate your daily truck driving schedule. Each driver usually drives around eleven hours a day—drivers aren’t allowed to drive any longer than that in a single day—but what form those hours take can be up to the driver. 

For example, if you’re not a morning person, you can create a schedule that gets you to your final destination on time by driving at night instead of the morning. As long as you get ten consecutive days of off-duty time, you can design a truck driving schedule that works for you and still gets you to where you’re going on time. says it like this: “One of the most rewarding things about being a trucker is that you can largely plan your own schedule based on routes that most efficiently meet your employer deadlines, instead of being held to a monotonous 9-to-5 routine.” 

Earning Your Stripes

If you’re a new trucker, then you know that the first year of the truck driver lifestyle is about earning your stripes. This can mean working on an OTR driving team, or it could mean driving more locally to fine-tune your skills. Whatever your first year looks like, take advantage of this time and use it “to focus on safety, hone your driving skills, put in the miles and make a lasting impression.” 

The trucking industry needs drivers, and logistics companies like Lily Transportation are excited by the prospect of working with young truckers. With the right company at your side, adapting to the truck driver lifestyle can be a smooth and seamless process that will lead to a wealth of future opportunities. 

The Future of Trucking

As the trucking industry evolves, so too does the equipment its drivers rely on. For example, says that “modern trucks are often equipped with ergonomically designed seats, a refrigerator, satellite TV and a bed. Most are manual transmission, though the industry is moving quickly to automatic transmissions to boost fuel efficiency.” 

“From diagnostics to sensor technology to autonomous vehicles, the next 10–20 years will see a significant change in the technological landscape of our industry,” Trucking Info says. Telematics technology, for example, is already being used to future-proof the truck driver lifestyle. It tracks vehicles on-the-go and provides remote, constantly updating diagnostics so drivers and their carriers know exactly what’s happening with their vehicles at all times. 

As more vehicles embrace technological upgrades, the more drivers the industry will need to operate those technologies. Once again, we see a situation where young truckers and their unique approach to the truck driving lifestyle are so important. Trucking Info shares this belief, as they say, “This is such an exciting opportunity for a new generation of technology-focused young people.”  

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