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Providing Jobs for Military Veterans Without Degrees

Jobs for Military Veterans Without Degrees

Military veterans returning home can sometimes have a difficult time settling back into civilian life. The fast-paced and often unpredictable day-to-day of the military looks very different from the more routine functions of civilian life. If you’re a veteran without a formal degree, then this dilemma can feel even more daunting, as jobs for veterans without degrees can feel harder to come by.  

This is what the trucking industry sets out to do. With flexible working hours, an extensive variety of travel opportunities, competitive pay, veteran friendly employers, and an abundance of jobs for military veterans without degrees, trucking companies across the country are more than willing to work with veterans—regardless of their education level—and help them find a career behind the wheel of a truck. 

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Here are a few of the ways that trucking and logistics companies like Lily Transportation can offer some of the best jobs for military veterans, even if they don’t have a degree. 

Training Programs and Scholarships

Every professional truck driver needs to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you regularly operated heavy machinery and vehicles as part of your military service, however, then you may be exempt from the mandatory skills test required of all CDL-drivers. 

In most cases, you would have to visit your local DMV, acquire a training manual, use it to study for a written test, and then take a driving skills test. After passing both exams, you would then spend two-weeks with a commercial driver’s permit before being allowed to obtain your CDL and start your trucking career in earnest. 

However, thanks to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, veterans can apply for a Military CDL Waiver within one year of their departure from the military. 

Even if you don’t have prior experience with heavy vehicles, then there are still plenty of training programs that can teach you how to become a truck driver. Here at Lily Transportation, for instance, we offer a unique program that is fully paid for by Lily, won’t deplete your GI Bill benefits, and comes with a weekly salary of $800—plus company benefits—so you can continue to support yourself during the training process. 

After graduating from Lily’s Veterans Program, you will officially become a member of the Lily family and can expect to receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range along with a wealth of other benefits. 

No Degree Required

Unlike other career options, there’s a lower barrier for entry into the trucking industry. All you need to do is complete a driving skills and safety course, obtain your CDL, and then you’re ready to go. No college degree is required to find sustainable success as a professional truck driver.

With your experience in the military, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trucking company that wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with you. If you would like to learn more about how a trucking and logistics company like Lily Transportation can help provide truck driving jobs for military veterans without degrees, then contact us today!

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