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Lily Transportation Makes Hiring Veterans a Top Priority. Here’s How.

Lily Transportation Makes Hiring Veterans a Top Priority

There are plenty of civilian jobs for veterans out there, but finding the right one for you and your skills is easier said than done. With the flexible work schedules, competitive pay, incredible opportunities for growth and adventure, and the countless companies excited by the prospect of hiring veterans, a trucking job may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Lily Transportation is excited to help you find a new career path after your time in the military, and we’re committed to making hiring veterans a core piece of our company’s business strategy. Here are just a few of the ways that we do that:

We Offer Training Programs for Veteran Truck Drivers

Before you get behind the wheel, you’re going to need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you drove heavy machinery during your time in the military, then you may be eligible for the military CDL waiver, which will expedite the certification process and get you behind the wheel faster. But even if you don’t qualify, the FMCSA makes it easy to get started.

Once you get your CDL, you can enroll in the Lily Veterans Network, where we will work with you to fine-tune your skills so you’re fully prepared for whatever the open road has in store. Additionally, the eight-week training course is fully paid for by Lily and will not deplete your GI Bill benefits.

We want to make sure you’re not only equipped with all the expertise you need to thrive as a military CDL driver but also that you’re well-compensated. This is why the training curriculum comes with a paid salary of $800 a week plus company benefits. Upon graduation from the program, you’ll be placed in an over-the-road assignment and will receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 

We’re Actively Hiring Veterans!

Lily Transportation is always excited about hiring veterans, and we’re eager to get in touch with anyone who is:

  • Interested in a career as a commercial trucker but doesn’t have any experience
  • A current commercial driver or someone who operated a heavy truck in the military
  • Experienced in leadership roles and wants to apply the skills they’ve earned in the military to the transportation industry

The characteristics and skills military veterans possess are incredibly dynamic and valuable, and Lily is actively looking to hire veterans in military CDL jobs. No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have), we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today to learn more about the kinds of trucking jobs for veterans we have available and what the Lily family can offer you! We can’t wait to get to know you.

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