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Benefits of a Truck Driving Career for Military Veterans

truck driving career

Military veterans are some of the most qualified people in the job field. With their impressive array of technical, mechanical, leadership, and knowledge-based skills, they possess a sense of flexibility and commitment that is difficult to find anywhere else. 

These skills don’t go unnoticed either, as all of the traits veterans possess make them great prospects for a truck driving career. Whether it’s their ability to take the initiative, make educated decisions in unpredictable scenarios, or the way they commit to the job at hand, trucking companies are excited about hiring veterans. 

If you’re trying to find civilian jobs for veterans, then look no further. Here are just a handful of the many benefits military veterans can expect to find in a truck driving career: 

You’re Already Qualified for a Truck Driving Career!

To be a professional truck driver, you need to be motivated, hard-working, attentive, and adaptable to changing environments. Military veterans make excellent truck drivers for this very reason. Not only does your extensive experience in the military make you specially qualified to handle the truck driving lifestyle, but it also means you’ll be able to bypass some, if not all, of the training requirements needed to become a full-fledged truck driver. 

For example, if you used to operate heavy machinery as part of your MOS then you may qualify for a Military CDL Waiver. This waiver, provided by the FMSCA, will excuse you from the driving skills test and let you earn your commercial driver’s license after taking a simple written exam. This will expedite the hiring process and help you get out on the road (and start making money) in record time. 

Even if you don’t qualify for the CDL Waiver, some trucking companies—like Lily Transportation, for example—offer truck driving career scholarship programs that won’t only provide you with a weekly paycheck during your truck driving training course, but also won’t drain your GI Bill Benefits. 

Lots of Benefits

The trucking industry is always in need of drivers, and with the variety of skills veterans can bring to the job, it’s no surprise that trucking companies across the country are eager to provide driving careers to veterans. When you drive with Lily Transportation, not only will you be inducted into a family of passionate professionals but you’ll also be inundated with a wealth of benefits

These benefits range from 401k to competitive pay to flexible work schedules and beyond. The transportation industry rewards its own and is more than willing to work alongside you to provide a truck driving career that meets your needs, rewards your good work, and retains you for years to come. 

Join the Lily Family Today!

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of the dynamic truck driving lifestyle and would like to learn more, then please reach out to Lily Transportation! We’re excited about your new career opportunities, and want to help you succeed in anything and everything you do. Lily is committed to growing our number of employed veterans by 10% every year and would love to talk with you today about our Veterans Network. 

If you have any questions about the benefits of a truck driving career or want to hear more about how Lily Transportation strives to be one of the most veteran-friendly employers in the industry, then contact us on our website, or give us a phone call at 800-248-LILY (5459).

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