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Trucking Safety is a Year-Round Priority for Lily Transportation

trucking safety - Driver Joe Shak

Safety is the core of everything we do here at Lily Transportation. Trucking safety plays a crucial role in the way we hire drivers, train our employees, maintain our equipment, and so much more. Here is just a glimpse into the many ways we make truck driver safety a priority each and every day.

Equipping Drivers with the Right Equipment

When you spend a good chunk of your day behind the wheel of a truck, you’re going to want the right equipment at your side. Whether it’s a cell phone mount (for easy GPS access), a thermos for your daily dose of caffeine, or winter (safety)  boots for those especially snowy days, Lily Transportation wants to help equip you with everything you could possibly need while on the road.

This is why we provide our drivers with complimentary winter coats (equipped with reflective material, so that other drivers can easily spot them), hats, gloves, and safety boots, all of which are replenished as they wear out.   We want you to thrive at Lily, and we’re willing to go above and beyond to make your truck driving lifestyle as productive, enjoyable, and safe as possible.

Safety is at the Core of Everything We Do

It’s one thing to talk about how important trucking safety is, but it’s another thing entirely to make trucker safety a pillar of your company. So, instead of talking about how Lily Transportation is committed to trucking safety, let’s show you the things we do every day to act out that commitment.

Safe Hiring Practices

Before a new truck driver gets started, they have to go through a specialized hiring process that helps us make sure everyone we work with is an experienced, safe, and driven worker. For example, as part of our safe hiring practices, Lily Transportation requires:

  • Driver physicals & drug and alcohol testing
  • A driver road test before hiring
  • Two years of verifiable experience
  • And more

Safety Aids

We don’t stop at safe hiring practices, though. Our prioritization of truck driver safety remains a staple across all of our departments. To help keep our drivers, and the people they share the road with, safe and sound, we provide the following safety aids:

  • Driver logs & trip reports that are checked and verified by managers
  • PeopleNet E Log systems (Electronic On-Board Recorders)
  • Discreet wireless real-time vehicle locator and speed control
  • Speed gauge reports (vehicles monitored for excessive speed by speed zone)
  • Mobil Eye lane departure and forward warning system
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • A truck driver safety checklist to help drivers take care of themselves and their vehicles

Additionally, we provide our managers and drivers with bonus incentives as they proactively engage in our Driver Safety Program. And to make sure we’re constantly improving our processes,  all accidents and injuries are tracked, reported and discussed with the Senior Management team every week.  

We don’t ever want our drivers to have to deal with an accident or injury, but if they do, we want to know what we can do better, what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And then we put those new processes into place.   

To help keep driver safety as top-of-mind as possible, especially during the winter trucking months, Lily Transportation will regularly share a variety of trucker safety tips and tricks to help our drivers keep themselves safe on the road. We even offer bonus incentives for drivers as part of our Driver Safety Program, which means we’re always looking for an excuse to spotlight drivers who represent Lily’s year-round commitment to trucking safety.  

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