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Truck Driver Safety Tips: How to Drive in Heavy Rain

truck driver safety tips - driving in heavy rain

When it comes to spring and summer driving, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in some heavy rain. This is especially true for all of the men and women truckers who spend their days behind the wheel. Driving in heavy rain isn’t fun, but with these truck driver safety tips, you can keep yourself (and everyone you share the road with) safe and sound.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important things you can do before hitting the road is to check the forecast. Is it going to rain? If so, how much? How much of your route that day will be in the rain? Are there any supplies (umbrellas, rain jackets, etc.) that you’ll want to have with you in preparation for the day’s weather?

These are the kinds of questions you’re going to want to have answers to before you start your day. Weather is unpredictable, but the more prepared you are for what the season might have in store, the safer you’ll be.

Prepare for Slippery Roads

When it comes to truck driver safety tips, one of the best things you can learn about is skid control and prevention. Driving in heavy rain (or snow during the winter) probably means driving through slippery road conditions. To help you stay safe, make sure you’re familiar with the following tips:

  • Ease off the accelerator and avoid heavy, sudden braking
  • Give yourself lots of extra time to slow down
  • If you start to slide, turn your front wheels in the direction you’re starting to spin toward
  • After regaining control, immediately turn away from the slide and return to a straight line

Be Patient

Maintaining trucker safety sometimes means slowing down and being patient. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your usual speed during heavy rain, then slow down. Truck driving in bad weather means giving yourself a lot of extra time to decrease your speed, increasing the distance between you and other drivers on the road, and often going slower than the posted speed limit.

Even if you stick to all of the best truck driver safety tips, rushing through intense weather will increase the risks of an accident. So, don’t use your cruise control, keep your lights on, and be patient.

Here at Lily Transportation, we consider our drivers to be part of the family. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone on our team is fully equipped with the tools, insights, and skills necessary to manage whatever conditions the open road may throw their way. 

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