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3 Ways Lily Transportation Promotes a Positive Trucking Culture

Positive Trucking Culture

The logistics and transportation industry is a pillar of our country’s economy. As long as people keep buying products online, there’s going to be demand for professional truck drivers. This is why Lily Transportation is so committed to promoting a positive and productive trucking culture for all of its employees.

A trucking career is full of exciting opportunities for people from all walks of life, and we’re always looking for new ways to grow our Lily Family with new and passionate professionals. If you’re looking for a career path that takes care of you with competitive pay, flexible schedules, and a unique trucking culture, then Lily Transportation is the place for you! 

We Hire the Right Drivers

As a larger and larger percentage of the truck driver population nears retirement, it’s become more important than ever for companies to hire (and retain!) the right kind of drivers. Here at Lily, our people are our greatest asset, and we go to great lengths to make sure that we not only hire the right drivers but also that we give those drivers an environment that prepares them to succeed.

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily

When a professional truck driver becomes a part of our team, they’re becoming part of a family, which is why we embrace Safe Hiring practices to make sure that each new recruit is a good fit for us and that we’re a good fit for them. To that end, Lily is always looking to hire new and experienced drivers

Whether you’re a veteran looking for a new career after your service has ended, a woman ready for a new adventure, or a recent graduate looking to make their way in the world, Lily Transportation has a place for you!

We Emphasize Truck Driver Wellness

According to Trucking Info, “By implementing driver-oriented wellness programs, fleets are likely to see accident rates drop, which lowers operating costs and liability exposure. And driver satisfaction goes up, which cuts turnover and attracts new hires.”

Even though truck drivers don’t spend a lot of time in an office that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to create and support a positive trucking culture with them. At Lily, we do this by providing wellness programs and initiatives that help us stay connected with our team, regardless of where they are, in a meaningful way.

For example, we not only host Wellness Challenges—supported by our healthcare provider, Blue Cross/Blue Shield—but we also award our drivers with “Safety Points” for helping us promote safety on (and off) the road. We also utilize electronic “communication boards” at each domicile to encourage, appreciate, and inform our drivers with fun and relevant information.  From recognizing birthdays and milestones to sharing healthy eating or exercise tips, FMCSA reg updates, seasonal safety tips, and more.

We Take Care of Our Own

A positive trucking culture can’t exist without positive, productive, and passionate trucker drivers, which is why Lily is steadfast in our commitment to the people on our team. We offer all of our full-time drivers a variety of benefits including:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical & Dental Insurance
  • Paid Holiday & Vacation Time
  • A Matching 401K
  • Safety Bonuses
  • A Health & Wellness Program
  • Cell Phone Allowance
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Carefully maintained equipment
  • Competitive pay
  • And so much more

Lily Transportation takes care of its family, and it’s our goal to retain this one-of-a-kind trucking culture that attracts, supports, and encourages professional truckers from all walks of life to get behind the wheel of a truck and experience the trucking lifestyle for themselves.

If you have any questions about the culture for truck drivers at Lily Transportation or want to speak with one of our recruiters, we’d love to hear from you! 

What To Expect inYour First Year of Over the Road Trucking at Lily


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