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Truck Driving Couples: Being on an OTR Team with Your Spouse

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Over-the-road (OTR) team driving can be a rewarding career for people looking to travel the country, earn a competitive income, and do so with a partner who can share in the journey. Team driving has been a popular option for drivers, but it can be a challenge to be matched with a co-driver whom you are compatible with.This is just one reason why married couples make up an increasing percentage of the team driving population. Driving with a spouse not only eliminates the challenges of drivers spending extended periods of time on the road and away from their families. Also, team driving with your spouse makes it easier for couples to earn a higher combined income.

Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re considering becoming a team driver with your spouse.

More Miles, More Money

When driving with a partner, you can cover twice the distance as you would if you were to drive alone. As quoted in CDL Training Today, “Alternating sleep schedules allows the team to cover more miles at a faster pace. While a solo driver can drive 10 hours a day, a couple can drive for 20. Products are delivered in half the time of a single driver.”  

Since most truck drivers are paid for each mile they cover, driving with a partner means more miles traveled and more money earned. While OTR team drivers split the profits they earn, each individual driver will still earn an increased income than if they had been driving solo. However, when driving with your spouse, splitting the income becomes even less of a factor.

Additionally, being part of an OTR team with your spouse can significantly lower your living expenses. With the extra income the two of you will be making as co-drivers, and the reduced living expenses, you’ll be able to further expand your retirement fund or utilize your earnings for other financial gains.

Seeing the Sights Together

While the income incentives are great, arguably the best part of teaming with your spouse is that you get to spend more time with your significant other.

Check out to view in-depth interviews with several married couples who work as a good OTR team. Hear their testimonies all supporting the idea that driving with your spouse is a great way to earn a competitive income, spend time with a loved one, and enjoy an active lifestyle. “One of the big pros of driving with your spouse is being able to travel and see things together,” one of the drivers interviewed said. “Seeing it all through her eyes again has really made it a lot more fun for me.”

Get Started Today!

If you and your spouse are interested in pursuing an OTR team driving career, then Lily Transportation Corp. is here to help you get started! Join our ever-growing family of passionate and committed drivers and receive competitive pay, great benefits, and customizable home time! Visit our career page to talk with one of our recruiters, view open positions, and apply directly online!


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