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Here’s Why Team Truck Driving Pays

Referral with Execs

Over-the-road (OTR) driving is a lucrative career and allows drivers to see all corners and areas of the country. When you join an OTR team, you’ll not only have a partner to share the journey with, but you can also end up earning more than if you were driving solo.

Going the Distance

When you have a co-driver, you are able to drive longer and farther simply by keeping the truck going. Where a solo driver has to stop to sleep and keep their senses keen, team driving all but eliminates that, as it allows one driver to rest while the other keeps the truck going.

Getting involved in OTR team driving still requires commitment, and just because you have someone else to rely on doesn’t lessen your responsibility. If anything, team truck driving increases your responsibility, as you’re now responsible for not just your own safety and the safety of others on the road, but also that of your co-driver. This is why OTR trucking is a lifestyle, and its teams are some of the most well-respected and well-paid members of the logistics industry.

Doubling Down

When you drive with a partner, you can almost double the distance you travel per week. Since most drivers are paid for each mile covered, the more miles you and your partner can cover, the more you’ll ultimately be paid.

While driving on a team means splitting the profit with your co-driver, you’ll be covering so much extra ground that you’ll still be making more than if you were driving solo. As part of an OTR team, you not only get to cover more ground, efficiently, you also get paid significantly more per week.

Many carriers will even offer their teams referral bonuses to bring on other OTR teams because coast to coast driving is not only lucrative for drivers but an important part of the business for carriers. More miles traveled each day means more efficient arrivals of loads, which leads to happy customers, ownership, and most importantly drivers!

Joining a Team

Whether you’re ready to start a new career as an OTR driver or are looking to transition from a solo position to a team, Lily Transportation is here to help. We’re always looking for eager, experienced, and SAFE drivers to join our coast to coast operation!

We offer excellent benefits, provide competitive pay, and always the best fleet!  If you’re interested in career opportunities at Lily, visit the Jobs Page on our website to get started. We can’t for you to join the Lily family!


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