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If you’re considering a new over-the-road, or OTR driving career but have never driven OTR before, you may have some questions. Driving OTR is very different from driving locally. Some aspects of OTR driving take some adjusting, but as a career choice, it also comes with a number of great benefits.

As you know, truck driving jobs are very different from the typical office job. Most experienced drivers, especially those that drive coast to coast, OTR truck driving jobs, will tell you that driving a truck is more of a “lifestyle” than a career. Driving OTR involves being on the road for many days at a time, and sometimes for weeks at a time.

Why Choose OTR Trucking?

While being away from home and family can be a challenge, many OTR drivers jump at the opportunity for a few key reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason to drive OTR is that you have an opportunity to earn more money.

But better earnings aren’t the only reason people choose an OTR career. There are other benefits, such as the ability to travel, the chance to grow professionally, and the opportunity to become part of the greater trucking community. Coast to coast truck drivers get a unique view of the country.  Many CDL holders choose OTR trucking as a way to earn more and reach their financial goals, but it also brings them closer to the reason many of them chose the trucking profession in the first place: the open road.

The Team Driving Lifestyle

Having a co-driver is a great way to keep company on the road, learn from someone else’s experience, and build a sense of camaraderie with another driver. As a lifestyle, team driving isn’t for everyone, but it could be the most rewarding truck driving career you embark on.

As you’ll be sharing space with another person in the truck, trust is an important factor in a team driving job. You need to be able to trust your co-driver to drive safe and your co-driver will need to rely on you to do the same. You’ll also be sharing responsibilities on the road, so it’s important to discuss a plan before you start driving.

Many drivers choose team driving because they want to earn more money and reach their financial goals. Others choose it strictly because of the lifestyle. For example, teams of married partners often drive OTR because they want the chance to travel together and experience the open road.

Whatever your reason, you won’t have to look far for an OTR driving job.

OTR Team Driving at Lily Transportation Corp.

If you’re looking for a new OTR or team driving opportunity, talk to one of Lily’s recruiters at 800-248-5459. You can also browse our available positions through careers page, and even apply online.


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