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Is OTR Team Truck Driving Right for You?

happy OTR team truck drivers

OTR team truck driving has many advantages. It pays well, allows you to travel and see the country, and provides you with the opportunity to form a lasting professional relationship with your co-driver. In many ways, a team driving career is also a lifestyle. Many CDL drivers love team driving and are some of the best in the industry. But is it the right choice for you?

If you’ve been driving solo for a time and are considering a career as a team driver, here are a few indicators to help you decide if teaming up is the right choice for you.

OTR Team Truck Drivers Love to Keep Moving

The key benefit to OTR team driving is the ability to keep the truck moving. When you and a co-driver take turns driving, you can cover more miles in less time and earn more than solo drivers. Most team drivers are driven and dedicated individuals who are highly focused on their work and are willing to (quite literally) go the extra mile. Because of that, they’re some of the most respected and well-paid professionals in the logistics industry.

Of course, being out on the road for days at a time means you must be away from home and your family. Spouses often form OTR teams so they can stay together, but that option isn’t always available to everyone.

While being away from home can be challenging for some drivers, most recognize that it’s a part of their career and is not unlike requirements in many other industries.

Nonetheless, there’s nothing more important than family. It pays to work for a company that prides itself on the amount of home time it provides its drivers, such as Lily Transportation Corp.

If your goals are to work hard, earn more, and travel to new places, OTR team driving might be a good opportunity for you.

OTR Team Driving Helps You Grow Professionally

If you’re looking to gain driving experience and grow professionally, team driving is a great opportunity to do so. If you partner with an experienced driver, they can act as a mentor. Many CDL drivers begin their career in a team driving assignment for this very reason.

Gaining this kind of experience can open up new career opportunities and solidify your place within the industry. Today, many companies are prioritizing positions for OTR team drivers, so there are many opportunities available to learn from the best.

OTR Team Drivers Prefer Driving with Company

One of the challenges of driving solo is the amount of time you must spend alone. While some drivers like the solitude, long hauls are often more enjoyable when you have someone to talk to. If you prefer to drive with company, an OTR team driving position might be the right career choice for you.

There are also practical benefits to having a co-driver. When you’re out on the road, you need to plan your route, adapt to changing road conditions, and overcome challenges as they arise. When you’re in a challenging situation, it always helps to have a second point of view, or at least someone to bounce ideas off of.

If you prefer to have a co-driver to help you out, then a team driving career is ideal.

OTR Team Driving is a Unique Experience

Most CDL drivers will either tell you that they love team driving or it’s just not for them. If you don’t know if OTR team driving is right for you, the best way to find out is to give it a try!

If you’re considering a career change into OTR team driving, Lily Transportation wants you to join our family of drivers! Visit our careers page to apply and learn about our current opportunities, or reach out to us directly at 800-248-5459.


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