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Mark Babick: From Air Force to Road Safety Expert


Mark Babick, currently in the role of Field Safety position at Lily Transportation, had a
fascinating career path marked by his service and achievements. He dedicated seven
years to the United States Air Force with deployments in various locations like Turkey,
United States, South Korea and Germany. While serving he specialized in air
transportation and HazMAt operations. This picture from May 1999 captures Mark
deployed in Osan AB, South Korea. In the background is a C-5B Galaxy.
Following his military service, Mark transitioned into the trucking industry where his
career began. Post – military life Mark hit the road and began his successful career in
the trucking industry by starting out as a truck driver. He accomplished an impressive
milestone with over 2 million miles driven with his CDL A license. His accomplishments
on the road showcase his dedication and skill.He was even able to show off his talents
by driving on a competitive level by participating in state truck driving championships,
clinching second place as his highest accolade. After some time is when he started to
transition from driving to safety management.
Mark leveraged his extensive road experience to excel in safety management. He
initially assumed a safety management role for a large trucking company. Currently he
has a role in the safety department at Lily Transportation. He is able to use his
operational expertise and knowledge to make sure that Lily is the safest it could be and
meet all of the DOT regulations.
Mark is not only a proud veteran but also a dedicated professional excelling in his
current career. His contributions to safety and his commitment to his job are not to go

Thank you Mark for your service and bravery!


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