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Here’s What Lily’s Women Truckers Say About a Trucking Career

women truckers at Lily

Women have been an active, crucial presence in the transportation industry since its very inception. Women truckers are more prevalent in the industry than ever before, and companies across the country are broadening their employee support and recruitment efforts to reflect that. 

“To attract more female drivers,” says, “carriers say they are offering more practice time in truck driving simulators. They have added internal support groups, female driver liaisons and trainers.” Even truck stops are making changes to support the increasing number of women truckers on the road across the country. 

Here at Lily Transportation, we’re committed to ensuring that every one of our drivers is provided with the same care, benefits, and professional training they need to thrive on and off the road. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some of our very own women truckers have to say about the truck driving lifestyle:

Opportunities for Women Truckers

According to Lauren Domnick, the chief data scientist at Omnitracs, very few trucking companies actively target women in their recruiting efforts. She says to Business Insider that “It’s something that companies just don’t think about as much as they should.” While trucking companies are eager to work with and support women truckers, only a small percentage of them are making strides to target women in their recruitment efforts deliberately. 

Lily Transportation is striving to be different, though. We’re always looking for new drivers, and pursue people from all backgrounds and demographics. For example, Jessica Licona-Amador, a driver here at Lily, says that “Lily made me feel comfortable and gave me the opportunity to change careers.”

We’re always on the lookout for passionate and driven female truck drivers to join our ever-growing family of solo and OTR drivers. Whether you have prior trucking experience or not, we want to work alongside you to get you CDL-certified and ensure that you hit the open road with all of the support you’ll need to succeed. 

“I encourage a lot of women to come and work for Lily Transportation,” Renata Sczuroski, another one of our professional drivers, says. “It’s an awesome, awesome place to work.”

Lily Employee Testimonials

Trucking Careers for Women

The trucking industry needs drivers now more than ever. With many industry veterans nearing retirement, there’s an influx of trucking careers open to anyone and everyone willing to commit to the dynamic lifestyle of a truck driver. 

Lily Transportation is proud of our current base of women truckers, and we’re always encouraging women to apply so that that base can continue to grow and evolve long into the future. If you’re interested in hearing more about the trucking careers available to you, then reach out to us today! We would love to hear from you.

Driving Diversity


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