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What to Look for in a Trucking Job


Whether you’re looking for a change from your current driving position or you’re starting a career as a truck driver, it’s important to do your research. Not every company is equal, so it’s important to compare what each company has to offer. In addition to competitive pay, you’ll want to be sure your company is committed to its driver’s well-being and safety, and that they provide plenty of home time.

Here are some other qualities to look for look for in a trucking job:

A Stable, Experienced Company

Companies with decades of experience have grown and adapted to become the best in the business. They’ve established a solid reputation and will have more stable, consistent freight lanes so you can meet your mileage goals more effectively.

Competitive Pay

Look for companies that offer competitive pay and are forthright with how their drivers are compensated. This may include weekly pay, pay per mile, as well as stop pay and loading/unloading pay.


You can tell a lot about a trucking and logistics company by the way they treat their equipment. The best companies to work for use late model vehicles and the latest safety features, such as forward warning systems and lane departure warning systems. If you’re environmentally-conscious, you should also consider a company that’s committed to making its fleet eco-friendly through aerodynamic vehicles and alternative fuels.

A Record of Safety

A driver’s safety is paramount, so you should work for a company that places your safety above all else. You can check the safety ratings of trucking and logistics companies easily through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Companies with a good safety record will have a DOT rating of “Satisfactory.”

Additionally, look for companies that promote their own comprehensive safety program and commit to safe hiring practices. Well-maintained vehicles and state-of-the-art onboard safety features are often a sign of a strong safety commitment, as these will ensure every driver at the company operates in the safest manner possible.

Key Benefits

Your chosen company should provide excellent benefits, like health and dental insurance, paid vacation and holiday time, and a matching 401(k) retirement plan. Look for companies that also provide generous incentives for safety and other key benefits like cell phone allowances and company-supplied uniforms.  

A Veterans Program

If you’re a veteran or you’re just looking for a company with integrity, identify those companies that have a program for veterans. This may include paid training program. Not only do these companies value the skills and characteristics of US military veterans, they also value their military service.

Find the Right Trucking Job

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re searching for another opportunity, it can be difficult finding the right job. Look for a company and job opportunity that meets your specific needs, such as pay, benefits, and home time. If you’re a new driver, some companies may require a minimum amount of experience. But with a positive outlook and some hands-on research, you’re bound to find a job that suits you.

Trucking Jobs at Lily

Lily Transportation Corp. is a family-owned and professionally managed business. We take great pride in our dedication to our employees and are able to provide competitive pay, exciting benefits, and excellent equipment. For more information about career opportunities at Lily, visit the Jobs Page on our website.


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