What Does the Trucking Lifestyle Look Like for Veterans at Lily?

Getting started in any new career can feel overwhelming, especially when it’s your first career after serving in the military. If a laid-back office job sounds like the last thing you want to be doing, then you should look into the trucking lifestyle as a possible alternative.

Not only do trucking jobs for veterans offer tremendous potential for competitive pay, flexible schedules, and a low barrier for entry, but your experience in the military will make you a top candidate for any company looking to add to their team. To help you decide whether the trucking lifestyle is for you, here are a few things you can expect to find in a truck driving career:

The Trucking Lifestyle is Full of Unique Benefits for Veterans

“The trucking industry is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy,” Trucking.com says. “Nearly 71% of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. Without the industry and our truck drivers, the economy would come to a standstill.”

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If you’re interested in the trucking lifestyle, then you’re bound to discover a world full of opportunity. Trucking and transportation are some of the most crucial industries in the country, and as a result, truck driving careers are in constant high demand. Here’s a glimpse into just some of the benefits the truck driver lifestyle at Lily Transportation offers:

  • Annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 
  • Training curriculum that’s fully paid for by Lily (and won’t deplete your GI Bill benefits!). 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical and Dental Insurance 
  • Paid holiday and vacation time 
  • Matching 401K safety bonuses 
  • Health and wellness programs 
  • Cell phone allowance 
  • A flexible truck driver schedule
  • 24-hour dispatch

On top of that, the trucking lifestyle can change on a day-to-day basis, so you never know what kind of adventure could be waiting for you. One day you could be driving over long stretches of the countryside, and then you could be enjoying the stunning vistas from the winding roads of a mountain pass. 

It’s Easy to Get Started

Whether you know it or not, you’re already very qualified for a career in the trucking industry! Your experiences in the military have equipped you with the kind of perseverance, adaptability, and leadership skills that will serve you very well in the trucking lifestyle. 

The simple truth is that carriers are excited by the idea of working with you. Not only are companies like Lily Transportation actively offering truck driving jobs for veterans, but there are even programs that can dramatically streamline the training and certification processes. For example, if you operated heavy vehicles as part of your service, then you may qualify for the Military CDL Waiver

Transitioning back into the civilian lifestyle can be tricky, especially for veterans who are looking for a new career path. With veteran trucking jobs, however, you’ll be able to make a great income while also enjoying the flexibility and adventure the trucking industry is known for. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lily Veteran’s Network and their unique programs, contact our team today!

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Lily Transportation Makes Hiring Veterans a Top Priority. Here’s How.

There are plenty of civilian jobs for veterans out there, but finding the right one for you and your skills is easier said than done. With the flexible work schedules, competitive pay, incredible opportunities for growth and adventure, and the countless companies excited by the prospect of hiring veterans, a trucking job may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Lily Transportation is excited to help you find a new career path after your time in the military, and we’re committed to making hiring veterans a core piece of our company’s business strategy. Here are just a few of the ways that we do that:

We Offer Training Programs for Veteran Truck Drivers

Before you get behind the wheel, you’re going to need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you drove heavy machinery during your time in the military, then you may be eligible for the military CDL waiver, which will expedite the certification process and get you behind the wheel faster. But even if you don’t qualify, the FMCSA makes it easy to get started.

Once you get your CDL, you can enroll in the Lily Veterans Network, where we will work with you to fine-tune your skills so you’re fully prepared for whatever the open road has in store. Additionally, the eight-week training course is fully paid for by Lily and will not deplete your GI Bill benefits.

We want to make sure you’re not only equipped with all the expertise you need to thrive as a military CDL driver but also that you’re well-compensated. This is why the training curriculum comes with a paid salary of $800 a week plus company benefits. Upon graduation from the program, you’ll be placed in an over-the-road assignment and will receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 

We’re Actively Hiring Veterans!

Lily Transportation is always excited about hiring veterans, and we’re eager to get in touch with anyone who is:

  • Interested in a career as a commercial trucker but doesn’t have any experience
  • A current commercial driver or someone who operated a heavy truck in the military
  • Experienced in leadership roles and wants to apply the skills they’ve earned in the military to the transportation industry

The characteristics and skills military veterans possess are incredibly dynamic and valuable, and Lily is actively looking to hire veterans in military CDL jobs. No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have), we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today to learn more about the kinds of trucking jobs for veterans we have available and what the Lily family can offer you! We can’t wait to get to know you.

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The Many Benefits of Lily’s Unique Program for Veteran Truck Drivers

Truck driving is one of the best jobs for veterans looking for a new career path after their time in the military has come to an end. Whether it’s the competitive pay, flexible schedules, or the (many) employers who are excited to work with you, veteran truck drivers have a lot of reasons to get behind the wheel.

Hiring (and retaining) veteran truck drivers is one of the most important things Lily Transportation does. We’re committed to increasing the percentage of veteran truckers in our ranks by 10% each year and are always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with veterans looking to get a fresh start in the civilian workforce.

Here are a few of the many benefits Lily’s unique Veterans Network has to offer veteran truck drivers:

We Accept Drivers with All Levels of Experience

Regardless of the amount of experience you have operating heavy vehicles, Lily Transportation wants to work with you! 

If you’re a veteran who drove heavy trucks as part of your service, then we’d love to help you get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) through the Military Skills Test Waiver Program. If you’re a veteran who’s interested in a truck driving career but doesn’t have any experience, then Lily wants to help equip you with the skills you need to thrive in the industry.

We need your knowledge and skills on our team, and no matter what kind of experience you bring with you, there’s a place for you in the Lily Family!

We’ll Help You Fine-Tune Your Skills Behind the Wheel

Once you have your CDL, either by passing the written and skills-based tests or by taking advantage of the FMCSA’s various programs for military veterans, you’ll be enrolled in a Lily training program that will help you fine-tune your truck driving skills. This three-to-six week training course is fully paid for by Lily and will not drain any of your GI Bill benefits. 

While you’re training, we’ll also provide you with $800 a week (plus company benefits!), so you can continue to care for yourself and your family while you sharpen your skills behind the wheel. And upon graduation, your annual compensation will be in the $70,000 range.

We Take Care of Our Own

We know that adjusting to the civilian lifestyle isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. With our unique program for veteran truck drivers, Lily strives to get you plugged into a community of driven professionals who will rally around you to make your transition into a new job role as seamlessly as possible. 

If you’re looking for a fresh start, then Lily can provide you with the kind of education veteran truck driving schools offer while also helping you settle into your new role as a veteran truck driver. We’re here to help you thrive, so if you have any questions about the veteran trucking jobs available to you, please get in touch with us today

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4 Things Lily Transportation Does to Support Veterans

Military veterans are some of the most qualified people out there, and there are few industries as aware of that fact as the trucking and transportation industry. Your experiences in the military have equipped you with the kind of steadfast commitment, expertise, and skillset that define the best truck drivers on the road.

Here at Lily Transportation, we’re always looking for new ways to support veterans. In everything we do, we strive to be one of the most veteran-friendly employers in the industry. Here are just four of the things that Lily does to support veterans reacclimate to the civilian workforce:

1) We’re Actively Hiring Military Veterans

Currently, 15% of Lily’s current employee-base is made up of veterans, and we’re always working to make sure that the number continues to grow by at least 10% each year. Lily Transportation is uniquely aware of the value veteran truck drivers can bring to the job, and your discipline and mission-focus will make you an excellent fit for the Lily Family!

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We hope to see the number of veteran truck driving jobs skyrocket as high as possible, and we’re always on the lookout for new and effective ways to support veterans. 

2) We’ll Help You Get CDL-Certified 

Every professional truck driver needs to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before they can get behind the wheel. The first step toward this is simple: walk into your local DMV and pick-up one of their CDL manuals. This handbook will act as your roadmap and textbook, as it provides you with all of the information you’ll need for the first part of your CDL-certification: the written test.

Once you’ve passed the written test, you’ll be given your commercial learner’s permit (CLP). Use this permit to practice the various inspection tests and driving maneuvers your CDL manual outlines, as these will be crucial elements of the skills-based part of the CDL test. To help make this process as easy as possible, Lily Transportation will assign you to one of our CDL-certified drivers to help you practice and perfect your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) skills.

However, if you operated a heavy vehicle as part of your military experience, then you may be eligible for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Military Skills Test Waiver Program, which will excuse you from the skills-test. This means that you’ll only have to take the written portion of the test before being awarded your CDL training and certification.

3) We’ll Sponsor Your Truck Driving Education

Regardless of whether you have any driving experience from your time in the military, Lily Transportation will get you started in a specialized ten-week training program that’s designed to help you fine-tune your CMV driving skills in the real world. 

This training curriculum is fully paid for by Lily, and as such, will not deplete your GI Bill. And once you graduate from the program, we’ll get you set-up in the world of veteran trucking, and you’ll be looking at annual compensation in the $70,000 range. 

4) Job Security and Financial Stability

In exchange for your full scholarship to Lily’s training program, we ask for a minimum one-year commitment to n over-the-road (OTR) driving assignment. This will help you put all of your skills to practice and give you a wealth of opportunity to get comfortable in your new career.

As a veteran truck driver, you’ll be a part of one of the country’s most vital industries. You’ll experience a tremendous amount of opportunity, see the country in ways you never thought possible, and have a degree of job security and compensation that few industries can match.

If you have any questions about Lily Transportation’s Veterans Network or want to learn more about how we support veterans both on-and-off the job, then please get in touch with us today! We’d love to connect with you and help you find your place in the exciting world of commercial truck driving.

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Are You Eligible for the Veteran CDL Waiver?

Are you transitioning out of a military career and into a civilian one? Maybe you’re looking for a new adventure, something that can pay the bills, of course, but also something that can keep you from spending long days behind a desk. Luckily, the transportation industry not only has a vast array of job offerings for you, but you might qualify for a veteran CDL waiver, which can get you into a truck driving career in record time. 

Obtaining your commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be your first step into the truck driving lifestyle. But to get there, you have to take a written and skills-based test first. If you drove heavy vehicles while serving in the military, however, then you may be able to skip the skills-based portion of the test. Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible for the military veteran CDL waiver:

How (and When) to Apply for a Military CDL Waiver

According to the FMCSA, military veterans who have “two years of experience safely operating trucks or buses” will be eligible for a veteran CDL waiver if they apply within one year of leaving the military position that required them to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). 

To get started, all you have to do is complete the Application for Military Skills Test Waiver (which includes a section that your Commanding Officer will need to fill out) and then make an appointment at the CDL licensing office that’s closest to you. Then you’ll complete your state’s CDL application form (which you can find on DMV.org) and provide all of the required paperwork, a copy of your military driver’s license, and other proofs of identity.

Veteran CDL Waiver Requirements

Military veteran CDL waivers are currently available in every state. As of February 2017, almost 20,000 current and former military members have taken advantage of the waiver, making them eligible for employment by transportation companies. 

Before you get your CDL, though, the FMCSA says that you have to certify to your State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA) that you have:

  • A history of safe driving
  • Not held more than one license (the exception being your military driver’s license) in the past two years
  • Not had your State-issued license suspended, revoked, or canceled
  • Not been convicted in any motor vehicle offenses

If you meet those requirements (and the ones listed in the previous section), then you’re in a perfect position to get your veteran CDL waiver, take the written test, and get plugged into one of the many civilian-military truck driving jobs waiting for you!

Some carriers, like Lily Transportation, will even offer you a training course to help you fine-tune your CMV driving skills. The Lily Veterans Network, for example, provides a ten-week training curriculum that’s completely paid for by Lily and won’t drain any of your GI Bill benefits. You’ll also receive a paid salary of $800 a week (and company benefits!) while you’re enrolled in the training course.

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to get plugged into a one-year over-the-road driving assignment and receive annual compensation in the $60-70,000 range. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can get your military veteran CDL waiver, enroll in the Lily Veterans Network, and kickstart your new career off on a high note!

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What is the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is also committed to making it as easy as possible for military veterans from all walks of life to get settled in a career as a professional truck driver.

To help them achieve this goal, the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program is one of the more recent ways the FMCSA is pursuing new ways to recruit and support military veterans in a truck driving capacity. But what is this pilot program, and how can it help younger truckers with military experience find a place in the transportation industry?

Who is Eligible for this Program?

The Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program was primarily designed to study “the feasibility, benefits, and safety impacts of allowing 18-20-year-old drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce” (3). This military CDL pilot program grants exemption from the regular requirement for all commercial driver’s license holders to be 21 years of age and opens up a new wave of military CDL jobs for young truckers. 

To qualify for this pilot program, however, you’re going to have to meet a set of criteria. According to the FMCSA, the requirements include:

  • Being 18, 19, or 20 years of age when approved for participation in the pilot program
  • Having certification (or relevant training and experience) operating heavy vehicles from your time in the military
  • Agreeing to the release of specific information to the FMCSA, who will use it to assess your eligibility for the program
  • Meeting all the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) requirements (not including age) for operating a commercial vehicle in interstate commerce
  • Understanding that drivers who participate in this program cannot transport passengers or hazardous materials 

Upon turning 21, any drivers participating in the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program will be unenrolled.  They will, however, be eligible to continue driving in an interstate capacity for their current motor carrier (or another company).

How to Participate in the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program

If you qualify for an Under 21 Military CDL, then you can get your trucking career started by applying to any participating carrier (like Lily Transportation!). Once hired, your information and driving history will be submitted to the FMCSA.

From there, as long as there are no disqualifying offenses, suspensions, or license revocations on your record, you’ll be approved to participate in the study and can start your trucking career right away!

With this program, the FMCSA is making veteran trucking jobs more accessible than ever. There are plenty of people under the age of 21 with experience in the military who are now looking for a new career, and the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program is a way for military drivers to find a job that will help them readjust to the civilian lifestyle.

Lily Transportation is proud to be one of the nine companies in the country participating in the military CDL pilot program and would love to talk with you about our veteran trucking jobs, training programs, or the truck driving lifestyle as a whole!  

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Benefits of a Truck Driving Career for Military Veterans

Military veterans are some of the most qualified people in the job field. With their impressive array of technical, mechanical, leadership, and knowledge-based skills, they possess a sense of flexibility and commitment that is difficult to find anywhere else. 

These skills don’t go unnoticed either, as all of the traits veterans possess make them great prospects for a truck driving career. Whether it’s their ability to take the initiative, make educated decisions in unpredictable scenarios, or the way they commit to the job at hand, trucking companies are excited about hiring veterans. 

If you’re trying to find civilian jobs for veterans, then look no further. Here are just a handful of the many benefits military veterans can expect to find in a truck driving career: 

You’re Already Qualified for a Truck Driving Career!

To be a professional truck driver, you need to be motivated, hard-working, attentive, and adaptable to changing environments. Military veterans make excellent truck drivers for this very reason. Not only does your extensive experience in the military make you specially qualified to handle the truck driving lifestyle, but it also means you’ll be able to bypass some, if not all, of the training requirements needed to become a full-fledged truck driver. 

For example, if you used to operate heavy machinery as part of your MOS then you may qualify for a Military CDL Waiver. This waiver, provided by the FMSCA, will excuse you from the driving skills test and let you earn your commercial driver’s license after taking a simple written exam. This will expedite the hiring process and help you get out on the road (and start making money) in record time. 

Even if you don’t qualify for the CDL Waiver, some trucking companies—like Lily Transportation, for example—offer truck driving career scholarship programs that won’t only provide you with a weekly paycheck during your truck driving training course, but also won’t drain your GI Bill Benefits. 

Lots of Benefits

The trucking industry is always in need of drivers, and with the variety of skills veterans can bring to the job, it’s no surprise that trucking companies across the country are eager to provide driving careers to veterans. When you drive with Lily Transportation, not only will you be inducted into a family of passionate professionals but you’ll also be inundated with a wealth of benefits

These benefits range from 401k to competitive pay to flexible work schedules and beyond. The transportation industry rewards its own and is more than willing to work alongside you to provide a truck driving career that meets your needs, rewards your good work, and retains you for years to come. 

Join the Lily Family Today!

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of the dynamic truck driving lifestyle and would like to learn more, then please reach out to Lily Transportation! We’re excited about your new career opportunities, and want to help you succeed in anything and everything you do. Lily is committed to growing our number of employed veterans by 10% every year and would love to talk with you today about our Veterans Network. 

If you have any questions about the benefits of a truck driving career or want to hear more about how Lily Transportation strives to be one of the most veteran-friendly employers in the industry, then contact us on our website, or give us a phone call at 800-248-LILY (5459).

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Providing Jobs for Military Veterans Without Degrees

Military veterans returning home can sometimes have a difficult time settling back into civilian life. The fast-paced and often unpredictable day-to-day of the military looks very different from the more routine functions of civilian life. If you’re a veteran without a formal degree, then this dilemma can feel even more daunting, as jobs for veterans without degrees can feel harder to come by.  

This is what the trucking industry sets out to do. With flexible working hours, an extensive variety of travel opportunities, competitive pay, veteran friendly employers, and an abundance of jobs for military veterans without degrees, trucking companies across the country are more than willing to work with veterans—regardless of their education level—and help them find a career behind the wheel of a truck. 

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Here are a few of the ways that trucking and logistics companies like Lily Transportation can offer some of the best jobs for military veterans, even if they don’t have a degree. 

Training Programs and Scholarships

Every professional truck driver needs to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you regularly operated heavy machinery and vehicles as part of your military service, however, then you may be exempt from the mandatory skills test required of all CDL-drivers. 

In most cases, you would have to visit your local DMV, acquire a training manual, use it to study for a written test, and then take a driving skills test. After passing both exams, you would then spend two-weeks with a commercial driver’s permit before being allowed to obtain your CDL and start your trucking career in earnest. 

However, thanks to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, veterans can apply for a Military CDL Waiver within one year of their departure from the military. 

Even if you don’t have prior experience with heavy vehicles, then there are still plenty of training programs that can teach you how to become a truck driver. Here at Lily Transportation, for instance, we offer a unique program that is fully paid for by Lily, won’t deplete your GI Bill benefits, and comes with a weekly salary of $800—plus company benefits—so you can continue to support yourself during the training process. 

After graduating from Lily’s Veterans Program, you will officially become a member of the Lily family and can expect to receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range along with a wealth of other benefits. 

No Degree Required

Unlike other career options, there’s a lower barrier for entry into the trucking industry. All you need to do is complete a driving skills and safety course, obtain your CDL, and then you’re ready to go. No college degree is required to find sustainable success as a professional truck driver.

With your experience in the military, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trucking company that wouldn’t jump at the chance to work with you. If you would like to learn more about how a trucking and logistics company like Lily Transportation can help provide truck driving jobs for military veterans without degrees, then contact us today!

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Why OTR Trucking is the Perfect Civilian Job for Former Military Drivers

There are plenty of civilian jobs for veterans looking for something new. However, if you’re a military driver with experience operating heavy vehicles, then you should consider looking into the variety of trucking jobs for veterans that companies across the country offer.

Over-the-road (OTR) trucking is one of the best jobs for military officers trying to reacclimate to civilian life. Not only does an OTR job allow you to keep busy and see the country in a way few people get the opportunity to, but you may qualify for a military skills test waiver program that would make getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) a breeze.

Here are just a few reasons why your military experience makes you a perfect candidate for an OTR trucking job:

Programs for Success

Before you get behind the wheel of a truck, you first have to obtain your CDL and become a CDL driver. To obtain a CDL, drivers need to pass a written exam and take a skills test.

However, the FMSCA says that drivers who have “two years of experience safely operating trucks or buses equivalent to civilian commercial vehicles” can be excused from the skills test by qualifying for a military skills test waiver. To be eligible for this waiver, you must:

  • Be 21 years old or older
  • Apply within one year of leaving the military position where you were tasked with operating a commercial-equivalent vehicle
  • Have not held more than one license in the past two years (other than a U.S. military driver’s license)
  • Have never had your state-issued license suspended, revoked, or canceled
  • Have not faced any convictions in any motor vehicle

Many trucking companies will even offer training programs for veterans. So if you’re interested in pursuing an OTR truck driving career but no longer qualify for the waiver, then you can enroll in a program that will help you get the certifications you need.

Be Part of a Team

While driving solo is an option many professional drivers embrace, some companies encourage their drivers to work as part of an OTR driving team. This way, you and another professional trucker will work together via alternating shifts to cover more ground in less time, and ultimately, make a higher income as a result.

Since every commercial driver has to adhere to the FMSCA’s Hours of Service Regulations, every driver must stop to take a break after driving a certain number of hours. When you’re on an OTR team, however, when one driver takes a break, their partner can take their place and keep the truck on the road for longer.

Strong teamwork skills will be essential for an OTR assignment, as you and your partner will have to work together to manage your time and accomplish your goals effectively. With your experience in the military, adapting to the OTR driving lifestyle can be a smooth and seamless process.

If you want to learn more about how OTR trucking can be the perfect civilian job for former military drivers looking for a fresh start, then reach out to Lily Transportation today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

All About Lily’s Veterans Employment and Training Service

Military veterans are some of the most qualified people in the job pool. With their diverse wealth of experience and exceptional work ethic, their skill sets empower them to thrive in a multitude of career paths. Here at Lily Transportation, we’re devoted to finding jobs for veterans that not only put those skills to use, but also provides them with a work environment that supports them both personally and professionally.Lily Transportation understands the challenges that military veterans go through as they transition back into a civilian career. This is why we’re so steadfast in our commitment to pursue, hire, and support as many veteran truck drivers as we can. When you get behind the wheel of one of our expertly maintained trucks, you’ll be starting an adventure that will take you to places few other careers can.

Getting to drive across the country and encounter the world from a unique, one-of-a-kind perspective is an experience only professional truck drivers get to have. Whether you’re driving solo or with a partner as part of an OTR driving team, the open road is rife with opportunity for veteran truck drivers who are eager for something new.

If you’re a military veteran looking for veteran employment programs, then you’ve come to the right place! Even if you don’t have prior experience driving large vehicles, Lily’s Veterans Employment and Training Program can help you acquire the skills you’ll need to thrive behind the wheel.

Table of Contents:

A Veteran Friendly Employer

  1. Seeking Out Veteran Drivers
  2. The Industry Wants to Work With You

Lily Veterans Network

  1. CDL Skills Test Waiver for Veterans
  2. Veteran Training Programs

Find Jobs for Veterans at Lily Transportation

A Veteran Friendly Employer

When military members exit the military, getting into civilian employment—regardless of whether this is their first time looking for a civilian career or not—can be a challenge. While every employer is willing to hire veterans if they have the right qualifications, some companies are more “veteran friendly” than others, and it’s these companies that you should be seeking out.

According to Military.com, a “veteran friendly employers” are companies that give “a veteran priority over a regular civilian for the job” and “may also want to ensure that they reach a certain percentage of their employees that are veterans, hence it makes it easier for the veteran to get employment with this company.”

Here are just a few of the ways that Lily Transportation can provide veteran truck drivers with the stability and support they deserve!

Seeking Out Veteran Drivers

As of March 2019, a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that “that about 269,000 veterans were unemployed in March 2019, compared to 392,000 in March 2018.” That’s some encouraging progress and speaks to the continued improvement of the employment situation for both veterans and non-veterans alike.

However, as positive as this progress is, that’s still a lot of unemployed veterans in need of work, and Lily wants to help get the unemployment percentage even lower. The values, skills, and discipline exemplified in military veterans are the characteristics we strive to represent in our company.

Currently, 15% of all current employees at Lily Transportation are veterans, but we want to see that number continue to grow. It’s our goal to continue to seek out veteran drivers actively, make veterans employment a top priority for our company, and see our percentage of employed veterans grow by approximately 10% every year.

The Industry Wants to Work With You

If you’re a veteran and you’re interested in learning more about what the trucking industry has to offer, then you’ll find no shortage of companies who are excited by the prospect of working with you.

For veterans who are looking for an adventure, an OTR trucking position could be just the thing they’re looking for. This role involves driving across the country, which means you’ll be spending time in a fully equipped sleeper truck and you’ll have access to a side of the country few people get to experience.

However, if you’re looking for a local position that doesn’t involve being away from home, then many trucking companies have more centralized and regional jobs that still include driving a truck but without the same mileage of an OTR role. The bottom line is this: trucking companies want to work alongside you to find a job that suits your skills and your preferences.

Also, with the trucking industry in need of more drivers than ever, there’s no shortage of trucking jobs for veterans. With your specialized skills in situational awareness, leadership, adaptability, stamina, and commitment, trucking companies across the country are more than willing to provide you with the resources and training services you’ll need to settle into your new career.

The Lily Veterans Network

Many companies across the country are willing to offer a variety of benefits and training programs to veterans who are looking to get started in the trucking and logistics industries. Whether that’s a sign-on bonus or a driving school scholarship, companies want to work with veterans and are eager to provide them with incentives.

Lily Transportation offers a unique program for veterans who:

  • Are actively interested in a truck driving career but don’t have any experience
  • Are already commercial truck drivers or who have experience operating heavy trucks as part of their military service
  • Have served in various leadership roles and are looking to apply those skills in the trucking and transportation industry

Here’s a breakdown of what our Veterans Program looks like and how it can help you get CDL-certified, trained, and ready for the open road in record time.

CDL Skills Test Waiver for Veterans

Before your professional trucking career can begin, you’ll be required to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are several steps toward acquiring your CDL, but the first step should be to visit your local DMV and pick up a CDL manual. This handbook is your “textbook” and will provide you with the information and tips you’ll need to help you pass your written exam.

If you don’t have prior experience operating heavy vehicles, then you may need to earn a commercial learners permit. This means that your driving record for the last ten years will be reviewed and you will need to provide proof that you’re medically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle. We will help you through the process and after that’s completed, you’ll spend the next two weeks practicing driving in one of our trucks with a CDL-certified driver as your co-pilot.  Once you feel comfortable, you can go ahead and schedule your road test.

However, thanks to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Military Skills Test Waiver Program, veterans who have experience operating large vehicles can skip the skills test and earn their CDL after passing the written exam. This program is available in every state and is open to any veteran who can verify to a State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA):

  • Their safe driving experience;
  • That they have not held more than one license (except a U.S. Military driver’s license) in the past two years;
  • They have not had their base State issued driver’s license suspended, revoked or canceled;
  • They have not had convictions in any motor vehicle for the disqualifying CDL offenses listed elsewhere in the regulations.

Veteran Training Programs

Once you’ve acquired your CDL—either the traditional way or via the Military Skills Test Waiver Program—Lily Transportation will enroll you in a training program to help fine-tune your CDL driving skills to meet the needs of the industry. During Lily’s veteran training program, you’ll be compensated with $800 per week, enjoy company benefits, and upon graduation, receive annual compensation in the $70,000 range.

The entire training service is fully paid for by Lily, and as such, will not deplete your GI Bill benefits. In exchange for your full scholarship, including the pay and benefits you’ll receive during training, we ask for a one-year commitment from our drivers in an over-the-road (OTR) assignment.

For veterans who are interested in management careers with Lily, we encourage you to apply to our management training program. This program will provide you with in-depth training in all the aspects of a transportation business.

You’ll be assigned to a senior executive in the company who will act as your mentor and counselor as you get started in your new career path. Similar to the driver’s training, the management program is ten weeks in length, and participants will enjoy full compensation and company benefits.

When you become part of the Lily family, you will be honored as one of “Lily’s American Heroes,” provided with first-class equipment with decals that designate your branch of service and receive a competitive income in the $70,000 range. We value your service and the experiences you bring to our company, and we’re always striving to help enable our veteran employees to succeed in their new careers.

Find Jobs for Veterans at Lily Transportation

Finding jobs for veterans who are reacclimating to the civilian lifestyle can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. When you join Lily’s Veterans Network, you’ll not only be plugging into a community of passionate and driven professionals but also unlock an endless stream of opportunities for personal and professional growth and success.

There are plenty of veteran trucking jobs out there, just waiting for a chance to provide your unique experiences, mission-focused work ethic, and adaptable skill sets with an opportunity to thrive and evolve. If you’re interested in learning more about Lily’s veteran employment programs, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We strive to be one of the most veteran-friendly employers in the trucking industry and would love to get in touch with you. Everyone at Lily Transportation is excited about the prospect of your new career path. If you have any questions we encourage you to give us a call at 800-248-5459 or check-out our contact page! We hope to hear from you soon.