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Career Opportunities for Veterans

Lily Transportation Corp., a leader in the dedicated contract transportation business, has announced new career opportunities for veterans. Lily has unique programs for veterans who are interested in careers as commercial truck drivers but have no experience, veterans who are current commercial drivers or whose MOS was as a heavy truck operator in the service and those veterans who served in leadership roles and want to apply their management skills in the transportation industry.

  1. Veterans with no prior commercial driving experience can apply to Lily for a full scholarship to an accredited driver training school leading to a CDL (Commercial Driver License). After certification of your CDL, you will enter a Lily training program to fine tune your skills in the real world. Upon graduation you will become a member of a Lily dedicated operation in a regional or over the road operation. This training curriculum is fully paid by Lily and you will not deplete your GI Bill benefits. During training, in addition to a full scholarship, you will be paid a salary of $800 per week plus company benefits. Upon graduation your annual compensation will be in the $70,000 range. In exchange for your full scholarship with pay and benefits during training we ask for a minimum of a one year commitment in an over the road assignment.
  2. Veterans whose MOS was as a heavy duty truck driver in the military can apply to our transitional training program which will provide three to six weeks of fine tuning you existing skills to meet the demands of the marketplace. During this training program you will be paid $800 per week and enjoy company benefits. Upon graduation you will join a current Lily operation and expect annual compensation from the $60s to high $70s.
  3. Veterans who join Lily with prior commercial truck driving experience can expect preference in the employment process, enjoy first class equipment with decals designating their branch of service, be honored as one of “Lily’s American Heroes” and enjoy compensation from the mid $60s to high $70s.
  4. Veterans interested in management careers are encouraged to apply to Lily’s management training program. You will receive in-depth training in all aspects of the dedicated transportation business and be assigned to a senior executive who will be your mentor and counselor as you begin your career. This is a ten week program and participants enjoy full compensation and company benefits. Upon graduation you will be assigned your first management role in a Lily location.

Lily recognizes the unique values you as a veteran bring to our company. The commitment, discipline and mission focus you embraced in the military are the characteristics we seek in our company.

Lily’s Values

We cherish the values and culture that our US military veterans possess because they are similar to those found at Lily.

Our Values
  • Dedication – It’s what we are: “Dedicated Contract Carrier” – Our dedication to one another, our management dedicated to our employees, and we are all dedicated to performing for our clients.
  • Commitment – We are committed to helping one another so that we can accomplish our mission. Lily ownership is committed to providing our employees with the best training, best equipment and respectful, mission success driven management to fulfill the agreed upon service to our clients.
  • Honesty/Integrity – We are candid, do what we say we are going to do, and we don’t promise what we cannot do. We sleep well at night and carry ourselves each day with pride because we are always “right” with all.
  • Performance – We perform every day and every night. We have never lost a client due to our performance.
  • Partnership – Amongst our people and with our clients, teamwork (many hands) and proper communication are essential to get the mission completed.
  • Family – Simply put, we take care of our own.

Our Mission

We thrive on and are only interested in the “Hard To Do”.

'Hard To Do' Mission
  • T. Roosevelt said in his famous “Man in the Arena” speech that it is the man who accepts and rises up to do the things that are hard to do that is so special.
  • In our transport world we look for the “hard to do”, which is time sensitive, handling sensitive, perishable cargo to transport.
  • What is easy to do is not valued. What is hard to do is most difficult to replicate.
  • What is not challenging is not worthwhile.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Lily motto: “Our best today and even better tomorrow.”

We provide our newly hired people with outstanding training, equipment, management, pay and benefits, home time and career path because we want our people to constantly improve, be ever more successful. That leads to our entire team’s success.

Employee Practices
  • Diverse Environments: Our transport work takes us into diverse environments (rural and urban) and we work with diverse people (shippers and receivers, owners and middle management, many races and colors, speaking mostly English and Spanish, but also Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and others).
  • Able bodied or physical challenges: We have positions available for all veterans, regardless of physical disability. Professional truck driver, driver trainee, dispatcher or management trainee…We have opportunities for your skill sets and career paths.
  • Our Best Today, Your Better Tomorrow: We are committed to hiring qualified American veterans. We are committed to providing the resources and training needed so that our veterans and their families can perform our mission successfully, grow with us and have a rewarding career as part of our successful and growing team. Potential truck drivers, whether you are qualified (with CDL) or unqualified (no CDL) we will integrate, train, retain and provide opportunities for your success.
  • US Military Veteran Skill-set: We believe that your military skill set is equal if not more important than an academic one. You have learned to succeed in the most trying, chaotic, and nearly impossible environments; and we need your knowledge, your experience and your will to succeed.
  • Your Lily Career: At Lily you will find a network of other veterans. Our company owners treat employees as family and our general managers and dispatchers know we always work safely (Safety First!) and treat each other with respect. Ours is a quest to always succeed performing what is hardest to do.
  • Our Lily history: In 1958, then Navy Lieutenant John A. Simourian, home on leave, and a second generation trucker started Lily on advice from his dad and he named our company after his mom, Lily.
  • Our family trucking history: We got our start in the trucking business during WW2 hauling munitions (torpedoes) because John’s dad could not join the military and fight as he was declared F4, but he wanted to do something to help the effort and trucks and drivers were needed at the arsenal. He found them and the rest is history.
  • Today: We are still family owned and 3rd generation is led by John Simourian II (named after his grandfather) and has grown to being over 700 drivers strong. Lily drivers and management cover over 38 million miles a year from over 30 locations throughout the USA.

We Make This Pledge To You, Our U.S. Military Veterans:

We will integrate you, we will train you, we will retain you and together we will succeed.

May God bless you, your family and our USA.