Thoughts on Good, Better, Best

by John Simourian II, President & CEO

Maybe you’re a boxer, a rower or a softball player.  Maybe you’re part of a team.  Or perhaps you’re a truck driver, a lawyer, a doctor, a salesman, and part of a company.

No matter what your profession is and what team or company you are part of, in order to best guarantee long term success you must continuously improve your knowledge, your process, your team and yourself.

 “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” – St. Jerome.
Diligence, focus, effort, attitude, want and desire are all ingredients that help make the good become better and the better become and stay the best.
Our company is blessed with intelligent people who work hard and are dedicated to meeting the obligations that we have to our customers and to each other.  Our team’s desire is to be the best at what we do.  To do so means that we must work hard, be diligent and be focused so we can become better tomorrow.  So we can be the best. . .

We track our performance using Key Performance Indicators and we review them internally and with our customers so we know where we’ve been and what we must do to continuously improve.
Being the best is a never ending mission.
“Best” is a comparison to something or someone; and something or someone is always going to come along and possibly be better.  So to be and remain the best results in a never ending quest.
We don’t want to be good.  Being good is average, and most anyone can be good.  We want to be the best because no one ever says that they are impressed that someone is good, only if they are the best, the greatest.
Ted Williams said, “A man has to have goals— for a day, for a lifetime— and mine was to have people say, “There goes Ted Williams, the greatest hitter who ever lived”.
There is always something we can do to be better, to be the best, to be the greatest provider of dedicated logistics systems. We can improve our driving technique, our dispatching, the way we dress, the cleanliness of our equipment, our attitude and lots of other things too.
Here’s a good example of performance:
Being On Time for a delivery is basic; anyone who is good should always be On Time.
To be the best at it means that we’re On Time even when the weather is bad because we planned ahead, communicated and drove safely. That’s when the customer can say, Lily is the best.
Being the best is an everyday, every week, and every year quest. Staying focused, willing to do what’s needed to improve.  


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