Lily Transportation partners with Roberto’s Kids again

Oneonta, NY – November 12, 2012

Lily Transportation of Needham, MA has once again partnered with Roberto’s Kids, by donating the shipping on equipment stored at three of RK’s collection hubs. The equipment was picked up in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington, DC, and transported to Williamsport, PA where it was loaded into a sea container and shipped to disadvantaged youth in the Dominican Republic.

Roberto’s Kids is an international non-profit organization named after the great Roberto Clemente. Their mission is social responsibility through baseball. They accomplish this through the collection of baseball equipment from the US and Canada, which is distributed to disadvantaged youth in Latin American countries, the United States and around the World.

So far in 2012, Roberto’s Kids has shipped over 40 tons of equipment to deserving children in the US, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Uganda and Cuba. On RK’s home front, volunteers in 33 states in the US and 3 Provinces in Canada, through collection drives, collection hubs and storage facilities managed the equipment from these shipments.

RK Founder, Stephen Pindar, said “We can’t do what we do without the tremendous assistance of Lily Transportation. They have been one of our main supporters for many years.”

Roberto’s Kids considers it a privilege to partner with each and every individual, group, company and organization that works with their program. For more information about how you can be a part of this international baseball collection program contact Stephen Pindar at their NY Office (607) 437-8779 USA EDT or by email at: Visit RK on the web at:

source: Steve Pindar, Roberto’s Kids

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