DCC Looking better all the time!

Mark B. Solomon writes in this month’s DC Velocity’s Transportation Report,

“The dedicated trucking model looked good a year ago. With industry conditions getting tougher, it looks even better today.”

As a consultant to trucking companies since 1977, Larry Menaker, who heads a Chicago-based firm that bears his name, has witnessed much of the industry’s past. But Menaker says he has also seen the industry’s future. And it can be summed up in one word: Dedicated.

Menaker’s firm does not focus all its efforts on dedicated carriage—the practice whereby, as the name implies, a trucker dedicates equipment and drivers to serving an individual shipper, allowing that customer to lock in rates and capacity with the carrier for a multi-year period. However, he is steering many of his trucking clients in that direction.

Click the link below to continue reading Mark’s full report about the future of the dedicated trucking model.



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