Canadian Border Services Sends Kudos to Lily Drivers

In the U.S. and Canada

We’re proud of our Drivers and we know they’re literally what keeps things rolling for our customers.  Here’s a compliment we received from the Canadian Border Patrol yesterday and the Lily team would like to say Thank You for taking the time to let us know we’re doing a good job!

Here’s what Laura had to say about us:

I am a Border Services Officer here at the Vermont/Quebec border on Interstate 89.  I’m sure you can imagine we encounter many commercial trucks on a daily basis here at our border as it is the second largest and busiest border crossing in Quebec.  Among all the commercial carriers, we do see a lot of Lily Transportation trucks coming through.

I would like to take this time to congratulate your company for hiring some very competent and respectful drivers.  I have never encountered a rude or impatient driver from your company — in fact, it is quite the contrary — Lily drivers are always very friendly, knowledgeable and patient.  Keep up the good work guys! – Laura, Canadian Border Officer#17123

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