We’ve Got ‘The Whole Package’

One of our long-term clients, Package Pavement, recently spoke about Lily’s role in helping them create a positive experience for their customers.  We couldn’t be happier to hear that Package Pavement is appreciative of our partnership and recognizes Lily’s dedicated services play a role in their overall success.   I can’t think of a greater compliment than the time they took to highlight Lily in their April Corporate Newsletter, DISPATCH & DELIVERY, (edited by JD).  Many thanks to JD and the Package Pavement team!  We look forward to another great year in partnership.

Exerpts from Dispatch & Delivery , April 2011 Edition. 

 “Each day at PACKAGE PAVEMENT, things have to happen in order to create a positive customer experience. The steps required from the initial customer order to production are ones we often talk about, but a critical step is at times missing from the conversation. How to get the finished product to the store or on the jobsite? This step requires coordination of the trucks in our fleet, matching up loads, scheduling delivery with the customer and making sure we are on-time every time.”

“Teamwork between our customer service, dispatch, shipping and delivery personnel plays an important role. As a just-in-time manufacturer, we really do not have the luxury of scheduling loads out over long periods of time. We are literally producing orders today for delivery tomorrow. This means dispatch is dynamic and has to remain flexible, yet organized. ”

“Communication is of vital importance to enable production and dispatch to fulfill customer needs. As a former dispatcher using advanced mathematics, quantum physics and a calculator, I was once able to figure out how to schedule 5 loads, before creating a disaster; now I am banished to newsletters and graphics  (JD).  Yet every day our team of professional dispatchers handles between 30-40 loads in our slow season to 80-100 loads a day in the busy season!”

“Early in the past decade we decided to hire logistics providers to help maintain our delivery philosophy. … we signed on with Lily Transportation to help bolster our staff and allow for delivery to our growing unionized customer base for our SPEC MIX® business. This partnership has proven to be a great benefit to our customers and has helped expand our on-time delivery and service across the full line of PACKAGE PAVEMENT®, QUIKRETE® and SPEC MIX products.  Special thanks go out to the Lily team of drivers, their management and support personnel.”

“Not only is delivering to customers important but the shipping and receiving part of our business requires accuracy and attention to detail. Each day, during the busy spring rush, the loading dock staff at our sites are responsible for loading, transferring and receiving nearly 100 trailer-loads of material. This incorporates assigning the trailers, loading / unloading and checking and double-checking the materials for delivery.  It also requires the receiving of our bags, pallets, resale items, maintenance parts, specialty concentrates and pigments. Another critical component of the process is the upkeep of our vehicles, which encompasses 65 trailers, 4 cement tankers, 8 piggy-backs, 8 tractors,16 Stormville trucking vehicles, and 4 oil trucks and numerous support vehicles.  Our current Lily fleet adds another 20 tractors to the mix.  These vehicles put on an average of 300+ miles on a daily basis and undergo rough jobsites and pot holed roads.  Thanks to our shop mechanics and coordinators for keeping the parts and materials needed to maintain our fleet of trucks and trailers and Denise and Christi for maintaining the administrative tax reporting side of the operation.”

“Finally, hats off to the team of PACKAGE, STORMVILLE TRUCKING/OIL and LILY drivers who so far (YTD) have delivered nearly 3300 orders or 3000 trailer-loads of material out of our Plants, totaling over 144 million pounds of material or 72,000 tons. To put this in perspective, our deliveries the first quarter would nearly equal the displacement of the USS RONALD REAGAN, a Warship measuring 1092 feet long! Total trucking miles for the combined companies in the first quarter is 755,000 miles or over 30 trips around the globe during our slowest months of the year. We look forward to continuing this success with a strong and safe spring.”

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