Best Job Ever

Submitted by Karen S., a former employee.
I worked at Lily from 1978 to 1987 in Accounts Payable. It was the most gratifying experience of my working life and one I have compared every other job I have had since to. When I started, the offices were in Allston with a trailer for Purchasing and Operations. Being there during such a period of acquisition and growth, and being appreciated for it, is something that was rare back then and probably nearly non-existent now. (Except maybe at Lily, still). If not for the unexpected birth of my only niece and the pull of family ties back home in Buffalo, I daresay I would still be there. At least, I hope so.

Among my Lily memorabilia are a die-cast truck, an address book and my service pin. I look at them every so often and remember the good times. My best memento is a promotional picture of John Simourian with his mother standing behind his shoulder that he autographed
for me.

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